November 29, 2016

21 Corporate Holiday Video Ideas

Inspiration for your next Corporate

Holiday Video E-Card

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be making corporate holiday videos. With all the energy from your bountiful Thanksgiving dinner and many servings of leftovers, it’s time to kick into gear and start thinking about your company’s holiday video.

Holiday videos are a unique and fun way to reconnect with customers of past, present, and future. Not many companies send out holiday videos and even less send out engaging holiday videos meaning if you’re willing to put the work in you can expect a high response. Sending your clients a video clip of your whole team saying Happy Holidays at the same time will be dragged to the trash bin in 5 seconds flat. Come up with unique ideas that make people go “What the….”.

Don’t have a crazy idea for your holiday video? Luckily our staff is a little more insane than most, so we came up with 21 Corporate Holiday Video Ideas to get you started

1) Product or Company Update – What to expect in the coming year
2) Have your staff Lip Sync a notable holiday song around your office
3) Create your own holiday song and make a music video for it
4) Promotional video for your office’s snowball team
5) Create your own Yule log video
6) Create a rap about what happened to your company in 2016
7) Re-create an iconic scene from a Holiday movie
8) Recreate iconic pop-culture events from the year
9) Tips on how to have a holiday party
10) Tips on what not to do at a holiday party
11) Tips on how to make a Gingerbread house with your company
12) Tips on what to do with your unwanted Fruitcakes
13) Tips on what not to do with your family over the Holidays
14) Nostalgic interviews with staff – “Favorite gift they ever got.”
15) Nostalgic interviews with staff – “Gift they never got.”
16) Holiday Ice Breakers/Pick up lines
17) Tell a comedic story about your holiday party from last year and what went wrong or right
18) Mockumentary about how you hired Santa to work at your office
19) Mockumentary about that time your co-workers traveled to the North Pole
20) Mockumentary about that time Santa hired your company as a client
21) Mockumentary about that time your office got a reindeer as the office pet (find a real reindeer to be in your video!)

If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can view some holiday video examples on our blog post “5 Holiday Business Videos that Did it Right.”

These ideas are a jumping off the point for your very own holiday video. Let the holiday message reflect your business’ values and personality. Lastly, make sure you have fun with it! If you’re not having fun or proud of your video, it will show in your work. Go the extra mile and rent a real reindeer for the day or hire an actor to be Santa. Your effort won’t go unnoticed.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays! If you’re still stuck or want to bounce some ideas off us shoot us an email at

November 29, 2016