July 3, 2016

4 Dirty Little Secrets About the Video Production Industry

Video Production Secrets and Tips

Insider Tips from a Philadelphia Video Producer

Working in video production is glamorous to outsiders, not aware of what happens on the inside. I’ve been working in video production for over ten years and have had the opportunity to work on commercials, movies, corporate videos and viral videos. Over the years I’ve picked up a few dirty secrets about video production that can help you on your next project.

Pay by the Day

When running a business, it always comes down to dollars and cents. As a business owner, you want to save the most money possible, especially when marketing. The best way to save money when producing videos is to use the system to your advantage. In video production, the cast and crew are typically paid by the day and not the hour. Having a 2-hour shoot versus an 8-hour shoot won’t save you any money. If you’re expecting a short shoot day consider shooting additional videos or alternate versions of your video. Longer shoot days will provide you with more video content and increase the bang for your buck.


Connections Count

Networking in the video production industry is a key driver of cast and crew who are successful. Knowing someone can give you access to new video gear, exclusive locations or discounted labor. When making a video reach out to people, you know who may be able to help you on your video quest. Creating a video is a fun process, and people love to help.

Fifteen to 1

On set, it’s standard to shoot 15x more footage than is necessary for your video. For example, if you’re shooting a 60 second commercial it’s not uncommon to shoot 15+ minutes of raw footage. The extra footage will give you editor options when creating your video. What you plan for can often change once you get into the editing suite.


Plan, Plan, Plan

Pre-production is the first phase of video production and often the most underwhelming. Despite its lack luster appearance, it remains as the most important step when creating a video. You’re creating the playbook for the rest of your project. If you cut corners now, you’ll end up shelling out the extra cash and shoot days to complete your project. No video crew ever complained that a shoot was too organized. This means you need to create storyboards, scripts, budgets, appearance releases, weather reports and more. These additional steps while tedious will prevent hiccups along the way.


Video production is a creative business but still a business at heart. By learning more about the industry and how it works you can utilize the tips and secrets for your benefit. If you’re too busy with your own business to do some deep learning, I would recommend hiring a video producer or video production company to help you with your project. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us, and we can help you get your next project started.

July 3, 2016