November 8, 2015

4 Questions to Ask Before Making a Video

It’s easy to grab a camera, film some stuff around the office and then post it online. You’ll have a video by the end of it but will your video generate the maximum amount of leads? Doubtful. A well thought out and planned video will bring in more leads and conversions every time. Sit down with your marketing team and review the questions below to maximize your video’s impact.


What are the goals of your video?

Video like other forms of marketing need to be well thought out and planned. If you are making video content without setting goals then you are leaving your results up to chance. By setting trackable goals you will be able to judge the videos effectiveness, ROI, and overall success.


Who is your Audience?

You should produce video content with the viewer in mind. Who are they? How do you know them? Is it being sent to a past, present or potential client?


A video that is being sent to a warm lead through email is going to be very different than a video posted on Youtube to attract cold leads. By defining your audience you’ll be able to target them more effectively and increase conversions.


How will your video be delivered?

Once you have selected an audience you need to decide on a delivery method. Video is a versatile format that can be sent in numerous ways online. Some examples of would be: individualized email, email blast, social media post, Youtube post, etc. This is important because you need to shoot your video for the medium it’s being delivered on. Youtube videos and personalized email videos look very different.


What is your budget?

A budget should be decided on before embarking on the video process. Video is a scalable product that will grow in quality with your budget. A video produced for $5,000 will look very different than a video produced for $50,000. Neglecting to set a budget can result in unforeseen costs and spending more than you were hoping for.


Your answers from these questions will present you with the creative guidelines to producing an effective video. You are on the path to generating more leads with video, don’t skip any questions and short change yourself.


If you’re not familiar with the video marketing process or have any questions we offer complimentary 15-minute video consultations to our blog readers. Send us a message through the contact form to schedule one today.

November 8, 2015

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