November 2, 2015

4 Things All Viewers Want

Businesses fight over views in online video on a daily basis. To increase your chances you need to look behind the demographics of ages, genders, locations and you’ll see every viewer has the same core needs from online video. Ignoring these 4 core needs will drop your video’s success rate.


The average viewer is bombarded with online video on a consistent basis. If you’re looking to make a splash with your audience, you need to be original with your video concept. Try new things and dare to be creative. Original videos have lower bounce rates and are more shareable.

Short Videos

If you think you a long 10-15 minute video is best for your audience then you would be sorely mistaken. In 2015, the average attention span of an adult dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Online video is a fast paced medium with a sweet spot of 30-90 seconds. The longer your video is the more you risk viewers bouncing before your video is complete.


The Internet doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s full of false promises, spam and deceit. To break through the clutter, you need to have an honest message you can uphold. False promises and lies will only build your brand an audience of haters.



Salesmen have a saying “Always Be Selling” which may work when cold calling but not recommended in video marketing. In order to build an audience you need to provide them with valuable content. Value can come in the form of information, entertainment or problem solving.


If you want to be successful with video marketing you need to integrate all of these factors into your next video. Cutting corners and deceiving your audience will only result in a poor investment for your company.


If you’d like to discuss ways to implement these strategies into your next video email me at and I would be happy to lend my opinion.

November 2, 2015

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