November 16, 2015

5 Holiday Business Videos that Did it Right


With Halloween out of the way it has begun. It’s getting colder every day and the radio stations have a race to who can play Christmas music first. While we’re still a long way out from the holidays you need to start planning your company’s video unless you plan on sending out a cheese e-card. Here are 5 companies that did Holiday videos right.


Hootsuite Yule Log Holiday Owl

Yule logs are an important part of the holidays and Hootsuite wanted to be apart of that. They took their own spin on the concept by adding an adorable owl in this 40 minute video. This video shows you don’t need ridiculous dancing, music or personal greetings to make a great holiday video.


Carlyle Group

Carlyly Group is an investment group responsible for the popular Beats Headphones. They could have done the typical talking head to camera reviewing the year and thanking all their customers for their patronage, but no. They wanted to do something different and they most certainly did. In this jaw-dropping the video they have David Rubenstein dropping rhymes on the mic.


Fold7 Hires Santa

This docu-reality holiday video follows Fold7, an independent advertising agency in the UK, as they hire Santa to work for them. This satire takes a unique spin on holiday videos by not directly promoting their brand.


Viewpoint Creative – Holiday Card 2011

Viewpoint mocks the creative struggle in an agency for their Holiday video. Anyone who has ever dealt with issues like this before can surely relate. The video went on to be very popular and received over 445,000 views on Vimeo.


Splice Holiday Video [In Space!]


The holidays got a little Sci-Fi with Splice, a creative studio, in this holiday video. You might be worried Santa won’t come to visit you if you’re in space but you are very mistaken.


Happy Harlemdays from Thrillist Media Group


The holidays aren’t just about sweaters and gingerbread houses, it’s about mocking pop culture! Thrillist Media Group made a spoof of the once famous Harlem Shake mixed with some holiday music. What pop culture events from this year could you incorporate into your holiday video?


Having a holiday video is a great way to re-connect with past and present customers. It no longer has to be the corporate style video that holiday greetings once were with a CEO to camera. If you’re looking to capture your audience’s attention, think of some unique concepts like the videos above.


If you need help coming up with ideas or have any questions send us a message.


November 16, 2015

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