August 1, 2016

5 Reasons Your Business Should Focus on Video

You log onto Facebook and in the first 15 seconds, you see a video. You log onto Google and in the top 3 hits, there’s another video. With video taking over the internet it has you wondering…. Should my business being using online video to market our products and services? The short answer, YES and here are five reasons why your business should be focusing on video.


1) Free Distribution

Unlike other advertising platforms such as newspaper, billboards, radio, tv or even Facebook advertising all cost you money to display marketing. Over time it’s going to get expensive, results or not. My favorite part about online video is that distributing your video to your customers is completely free. With online platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram it’s never been easier to put your video in front your viewers for free.


Videos are shared 1200% more times than text and combined


2) High User Engagement

Remaining competitive in business you need to keep the attention of your customer base so when they are ready to buy your name is the first thing on their mind. Engaging your customer on different social media and online platforms is the primary way to keep them emotionally invested in your brand. If you’re providing them valuable and engaging content, they’ll return the favor by purchasing your products. More simply people buy from businesses they know, like and trust.

You’re probably posting on social media already, but is it getting a lot or even any user engagement? Video is a great tool to increase the engagement of your online users. In a recent study by Orion21, they reported that videos are shared 1200% more times than text and combined. Then in another study by Mist Media, they found that users stayed on websites with videos 88% longer than those without. Using video will keep your customers on your site or social media pages longer, and there’s a higher chance they’ll be clicking that valuable “Share” button after watching.


Videos are 50x more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to text.


3) Increase Your SEO Ranking

SEO was a buzz word that rocked the early 2000’s when people realized they could optimize their website to appear higher in search engine rankings. Every year the algorithms change based on what Google thinks is important. And guess what? Video is a driving factor when calculating your SEO. In fact, videos are 50x more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to text. Those are the kind of odds I wish I had in blackjack; it’s almost a sure-fire win.


4) Introduce Yourself

Think of your favorite actor or actress. You probably never met them but feel like you already know a lot about them and would probably be best friends with them. This is because video isn’t just a sales tool it’s a communication device that can build an emotional connection with your audience. Take your audience behind the curtain, show them who your team is and what fun stuff they’re working on. Through ongoing video efforts, your audience will build an emotional relationship even though they’ve never met you in person.

Websites with video experience up to 80% more conversions than those without.


5) More Online Conversions

When using social media and online tools to market your business, it all comes down to your cost per conversion. Whether that conversion is someone buying your product or signing up to your email list your end goal is always more conversions for the lowest possible cost. In a study by EyeView Digital, they found websites with videos experienced up to 80% more conversions than those without video. Simply by adding a video to your current marketing practices, you can almost cut your cost per conversion in half.

Online video is far from a fad. It’s spreading across every social media platform day by day. Instagram went from only pictures to allowing 15-second videos to allowing 60-second videos. Facebook was no different. In recent months they put such a high precedent on videos that video ads can receive views for less than $0.01 per view. Social media platforms are doing this because they know and hopefully you know after reading this article, that online video is here to stay and a necessary part of growing a successful business in today’s digital age.


How to Increase Sales and Connect with Customers Using Online Video

August 1, 2016