September 18, 2015

5 Things I Learned from Dollar Shave Club

A Perfect Explainer Video?

In their debut commercial, Dollar Shave Club took the Internet by storm with their sensational, slapstick style promotional videos. To date, the original video has received over 20 million views on Youtube. This video, as well as their subsequent advertisement, were produced at the highest caliber. Their videos exemplify a number of easily reproduced practices that can be implemented in your own videos.




1) Small Budget, Big Results


You do not need a $50,000 budget to produce amazing results with online video. Dollar Shave Club states that they produced their famous initial video for $4,500. This is proof that having a strong, compelling script and a strategic marketing plan will allow your video to convert viewers into customers, without breaking the bank.


2) Entertain the Viewer


Video is a beautiful medium. A business should strive to both inform and entertain their viewer, taking advantage of the visual nature of the human brain. Dollar Shave Club stands out in the myriad advertisements one sees a day because of the striking and outrageous video. This video does not contain business statistics or customer testimonials; it entertains the viewer and holds their interest. Online video is a saturated market with all types of content. In order to stand out you need to provide value for the viewer specifically entertainment or valuable information.


3) Take the Risk


It is difficult to turn away from the Dollar Shave Club commercial because the video is so spontaneous. It keeps the viewer enthralled as it transitions from toddlers shaving a man’s head to giant bear costumes working on the assembly line. Many companies are afraid to take a risk and create something out of the ordinary. By taking a risk, Dollar Shave Club was able to stand out in an overly saturated online market. The star of the video, and founder of Dollar Shave club, Michael Dubin, said “Don’t give them a video they could have written themselves”.


4) Hook your Audience


According to a study released by Microsoft Corporation, people, on average, lose concentration after eight seconds. This means the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video is crucial. Dollar Shave Club wasted no time getting straight to their message. It is critical to hook your audience by immediately starting to tell your story; the goal is to have your viewer invested with what is happening on the screen from the very beginning.


5) Time is Money


It is a drastic minority of viewers who desire to watch a 10-minute video on any product. Unless your video’s purpose is to offer a detailed how-to video which needs to be followed closely, your audience wants it short and sweet. Dollar Shave Club comes in at 93 seconds, just 3 seconds over the golden rule of online video. 90 seconds is the perfect length; it is short enough to keep you entertained and long enough to deliver your message. A study, by Visible Measures, stated that, on average, after 30 seconds you will lose 1/3 of your viewers, 45% of your viewers by 1 minute and almost 60% of your viewers by 2 minutes. The longer you make your video, the more viewers you will lose.

Dollar Shave Club succeeded with Video Marketing by delivering a unique video that conforms to the ‘rules’ of successful video marketing. In this modern age of endless internet entertainment, boring corporate video are a remnant of the past. If your goal is to achieve success utilizing video marketing, your videos must not only be good, but be “f**king great”.

September 18, 2015

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