January 27, 2016

5 Tips on Facebook Video in 2016

Facebook Video Marketing

With 2016 new video trends are emerging and with Facebook putting an unprecedented amount of attention on online video it’s never been a better time to start video marketing. If you’re planning on jumping on this trend you need to know what is trending with Facebook users.


  • Info-tainment

Provide your viewers with short, quick paced videos teaching them a new concept. Break it down into 30-second videos so it’s easily digestible and not overwhelming. It may be tempting to make a 3-minute video to really go into the detail, but that isn’t going to get you the social media engagement you’re looking for.


  • Don’t Rely on Audio

People are on Facebook at all times of the day in all sorts of places. They don’t always have access to play audio on their phone or plug in headphones. To not lose these viewers you need to include sub-text captions that explain what’s happening in the video. I’m not talking about verbatim closed captions. These are concise captions that explain what’s happening in as a few words as possible.


  • Long Intros are Gone

Using a long intro or graphic intro to your video has become an outdated trend. People want your information quickly so they can move on to the next thing. Abstaining from an intro all together will work or if you must keep it under 3 seconds.


  • Cheap Impressions

Facebook video ads are cheap right now because it’s new and relatively untested. This offers marketers a chance to get in on the ground level for a small investment. Our videos have been receiving impressions from less than 1 cent per impression. A $10 investment can easily gain you thousands of views.


  • 3 Seconds

Facebook considers a video view or impression is when someone watches 3 seconds of a video. This means to make your impressions count you need to hook your audience in that 3-second window. Showing what they’ll get out of your video in those 3 seconds is a great way to hook them. Cooking videos typically show the finished meal to hook your attention.


Facebook video is becoming a necessary part of growing a business or brand on the platform. I recommend you start participating while this Facebook Video is new so you can get in at the ground level and starting engaging with your audience.

January 27, 2016

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