November 16, 2016

5 Ways to Break From the Video Mold and Engage Your Audience

Creating Unique Video Content

Too often people think of online video as one single video in a standard cookie cutter format. It bothers me; it actually, does more than bother me it drives me bonkers!


Your business is completely different than every other business out there. Why? Because you are a unique individual, who brings a special something that makes your business unique. When producing video content, you should be making videos that are tailored specifically to you, your business and your audience.


Know Your Audience
Who are you delivering this video to? Is it high schoolers who like dubstep or baby boomers getting ready for retirement? The more defined your audience is, the easier it will be to create video content that relates to them. With so much content on the internet, you need to be super relevant to someone to attract their attention.


Work Within Your Medium
Before touching a camera, you need to decide where this video will be hosted. A television ad versus an Instagram ad is VERY different. Does your hosting platform have time restraints or specific styles that perform better? Do some research on what performs best in your industry and how you can deviate from successful examples.


Provide Value
If you decide to go down the path of making the same video that’s been produced 10,000 times over, don’t be surprised when no one watches it. If you want to attract attention from your audience and convert them into customers, you need to bring something of value to the table. Give them a reason why they should be watching your video. This value can come in the form of entertainment, information or knowledge.


Dare to be Different
Video styles are repeated time and time again. To stand out, you need to deviate from the status quo and take risks. If you’re a big corporation, this can be scary, but as a small business, this is where you thrive! Significant risks in video can pay off handsomely. There is always the risk of failure when taking a risk, but the worst case scenario is no one watches which gives you the amazing opportunity to try again.


Rinse and Repeat
Video marketing success doesn’t come overnight or with one single video. Follow the previous four steps and keep making videos. Over time your videos will become much better. Accept that there will be occasional mistakes and not every video will Oscar worthy. With this acceptance, you will open yourself up to taking bigger risks and making more engaging video content.


There are millions if not billions of videos online which can seem intimidating, but you need to remember that there is an audience for just about everything. No matter how niche or general your business is I can almost guarantee there are customers willing to watch your video content. The only thing stopping you from video success is the hesitation to get started or getting disgruntled too quickly. Video is still a very new form when it comes to marketing and engaging with customers. You have the ability to get in at the ground level and reap the rewards of this lucrative medium.

November 16, 2016