May 22, 2016

The 7 Most Misunderstood Facts About Online Video

Online Video

Dodge The 7 Common Video Pitfalls

With online video purveying into all aspects of the internet it’s easy to come up with some false conceptions of how it should be done. Let’s set the record straight with these seven misunderstood facts about online video.

1) How to make a Viral Video

Viral videos are the Big Foot of online video. Everyone wants to capture it. Unless you’re a large company looking to make a splash, then a viral video may not be your best options. Your videos should be targeted to your demographic and not to the entire world.

2) It’s all about the viewers, not your ego

Every business owner wants to get their business on video, after all, who doesn’t like being in the spotlight? When creating a video, it’s easy to get too into the nitty-gritty of your video and lose sight of your goal. Your videos are meant to engage the viewers, not your ego. Tempting as it may be to talk for 5 minutes about your new feature your customers may not find it as intriguing. Always think why should a customer want to watch this? What is the value they will receive from watching it?

3) Have a Distribution Plan

Don’t get held up on the thoughts of creating a video just yet. Before making your video, you should lay out how you plan on implementing the video into your marketing plan. How you plan to apply the video can affect the way your production company produces the video. For example, Instagram videos are 600×600 pixels but on Facebook they can be 1920×1080.

4) Long Graphic Intros

Adding an intense graphic intro to your video is tempting. It looks awesome, and your boss loves it. However, it may be hurting your video’s engagement. The average attention span of a human is less than 8 seconds, so you need to hook them fast and chances are your company logo won’t do the trick. The beginning of your video should be enticing. Save the graphics for the end or put them in the middle. Read Wistia’s article on “Understanding Audience Retention” to learn more about intros, outros and retaining your audience.

5) Increase your Conversions with Video

Don’t expect your audience to jump through a lot of hoops when marketing online Make it easy as possible by having a specific call to action (CTA) it in your video. Whether it’s to download a lead magnet or call for a consultation the CTA needs to be explicitly addressed with an easy process to get started.

6) Rank Your Video on Google

It’s been proven that it’s simpler to rank on the first page of Google with video than it is with text. Why? Simply because there is less competition in video marketing compared to websites. Just placing your video online and waiting for it to rank won’t happen. Add the proper keywords, transcriptions and thumbnails to get your video’s level up.

7) 90% of Information transmitted to the brain is visual

Your brain loves visual information. It’s fun, colorful and exciting this is why people inherently love videos. When creating videos you need to use this fact to your advantage. Add captivating b-roll footage and graphics into your video to keep your audience entertained and informed. If your video is 5 minutes of someone talking to camera, it’s hard to keep your audience engaged. The brain can process a lot of visual information, but if you’re not giving it the visual stimulation, it requires then it will find it elsewhere.

May 22, 2016