April 9, 2016

7 Things Your Parents Taught You About Video Marketing


As a child you look up to your parents, as a teenager you resent them and as an adult, you realize they actually taught you some pretty cool stuff. Your mom taught you how to talk to girls and your dad taught you that even though you’re his son and you’ll never beat him when it comes to Irish car bombs. Not all lessons from your parents are as pronounced as you would think. When I became my career in Video Marketing over 8 years ago I realized how much my parents taught me about the practice.

Weekly Allowance

Most children are set to a weekly allowance to control their spending habits of bubble gum, bouncy balls and legos. While your passion for bouncy balls may have decreased your need for an allowance or budget remains important. The practice of being upfront with your budgets and monetary allotments for video marketing will help keep you on budget. If you don’t set the monetary parameters for your marketing you open yourself up to going over budget.

Always Say Thank You

Manners were something that was drilled into my head as a child. Always say thank you and be grateful for what you have. When people take time out of their day to watch your videos you should be grateful and you should acknowledge that. Adding a simple “Thanks for watching” or “Email me with any questions” will show your audience that you really care about them and their interests.


Never talk to Strangers

Ever since we could learn to walk we were instructed to not talk to strangers or they might offer us candy or have a car full of puppies we can play with. When you’re making videos you also shouldn’t be talking to strangers. Your videos should be targeted to your customers and prospects. You need to create a personal and business relationship with these people. Use video as chance to show your audience who you really are. Over time the audience will build a personal connection with you even though you’ve never met in person.


Clean Your Room

Growing up I never had a large closet, which put me at a disadvantage because I had nowhere to hide the mess in my bedroom. If it wasn’t clean there was no way around the mess it was there waiting to get me in trouble. As a marketer or entrepreneur your room is now your marketing plan. You need to keep it concise and clean. Adding unnecessary steps or clutter will cause your viewers to get lost. Keep it easy and simple. If you want your audience to visit a link make it easy to go to that link. For every step you add to a process you’re going to lose a few visitors.


Don’t be afraid to try something new

Whether it was broccoli, asparagus or yams my parents were always exposing me to new foods and I HATED IT! All I wanted was chicken tenders and ice cream what is so hard about that. Despite my profuse arguing I was “persuaded” to sample the new cuisine. Over time I learned to like trying new things whether it was in the kitchen or in video marketing. To really capture your audience’s attention you need to try new and creative ideas. Not all of your ideas will taste as good as chicken tenders dipped in ice cream but every now and then you’ll get some surprising success.


Don’t Settle

My parents like every parent out there knows their child deserves the best. Whether it’s school, food, relationships, or anything else my parents always encouraged me not to settle when there was so much room for improvement. When creating videos for your business there is no reason to settle on what’s easy or simple all the time. Pushing yourself and your team to create the best possible product will show you how much you can accomplish.


Have Fun

Being a kid you spend your life doing ridiculous and fun activities. A cardboard box can easily turn into a spaceship and a paper towel roll doubles as a telescope. This fun creative thinking should be used when making videos. Traditional corporate videos are an antiquated tactic that doesn’t yield results. When people watch viewers they expect to be entertained or informed and if your video doesn’t, they’ll go to one that does.


We all reminisce about being a child again. Back when the only important thing to you was when your favorite cartoon was on or what to say to that girl you liked. Now your life is full of obligations and taxes, what did we do wrong!? It’s not all bad though. Creating a video allows you to showcase your childlike characteristics in a way that is beneficial for your business.

April 9, 2016