February 3, 2018

Can Video Really Increase Your Sales?

In a parallel world of simplicity, the answer to the question asked in the title is YES, IT CAN.

And if anyone tells you that the trend of video production is just a frenzy of millennials, then ask them how come 51.9% of all the marketing professionals in the world have deemed this method to be the top ROI tool?

Many people have many things to say, you should only listen to the data that is out there because that is what’s real and what gives us the true insight into the video.

According to the data, video marketing is entering into each year with a new zeal. It is even estimated that this rate is likely going to lead it into the content type that will be the cause of around 80% of all the web traffic. Savvy, I know.

If anything, that is going to have this much of the share of traffic will surely increase sales also. Even today video is making wonders.

Let us see how.

1) People love video

People have shown an increase in their love for video. They are engaging with it at a high rate and they are wanting videos possibly about anything. It is estimated that around 43% of people desire to have videos as part of the websites that they visit.


Because videos are easy to understand and they help them make better decisions about products. You must have heard about the value of video in helping a viewer retain information (about 80%), well, now it’s time you learn that video impacts the viewers better than any other content type.

This impact is leading to greater engagement and conversion rates. According to Forbes, almost 64% of customers are likely to buy a product after they watch a video. That clearly answers why I had decided to buy PoopPourri when I watched its ad.

2) They provide good ROI

I already said a little about the high ROI that video returns. Let’s talk about it a little more. According to Wyzowl, 76% of businesses have reported that video has generated them good ROI.


Video has an intrinsic quality of keeping the viewer to itself. Even if the video is not of a good quality, some viewers would still watch it (that doesn’t mean you should start making bad videos). The content of the video matters the most in making it a good pitch for ROI. This is because the content is what drives the viewer to watch more and spread your word.

3) Video can forge good relationships

Whether it is B2B or B2C venture, the video has proven to be the tool that can help you forge strong relationships with the parties involved. In fact, in B2B relation, more than 59% of the senior executives prefer to watch the video if they had a choice between video and text. Therefore, if your salesman, for example, ventured out to meet clients with the video at their disposals, they could say yes to the deal in no time.

In terms of B2C, the times a video is shared speaks volume about the level of trust that has been built up. Statistics has it that a good video that has the right elements can be shared almost 92% by the customers.


Alright, so those were the statistics that I wanted to share with you.

For a business like yours, finding new ways of interacting with your customers is necessary. As you can see from the stats above, it is the video production that you can trust on. Therefore, if you were thinking about new ad ventures, you should definitely do nothing but invest in producing good content through video production.

Produce your business video in a sense that it could be doubled with the skills of your salesman. As both of these have the job of promoting your product, their joined forces would lead you nowhere but on the route to success.

How can a salesman benefit from a video?

As executives are preferring videos over text (see above), it is becoming paramount for a business to bring about videos that can aptly explain their role in the market, their product, and their future aspirations. By incorporating serious video shooting skills with all the methods of self-explanation of the deal, your salesman can definitely have someone back his claims and boost his pitch. He could increase his touchpoints and reach out to potential customers with the best weapon that is known for returning the desired outcome.

You could actually have your sales boost up by merely incorporating video into your marketing campaigns. For anyone that is sales oriented, that could be similar to hitting a jackpot.

Video can hit on lazy customers easily

Who has the time to read a treatise about a product, or listen to someone say fancy words when they can have everything visually summarized in 2 or 3 minutes? It is because of this efficient summarization that video can even target those that are least interested in anything. And besides, not only the lazy ones but also the busy ones can be targeted as efficiently. They could have a few minutes and those minutes would be enough to have them decide.

Video can be a less tiring marketing option

If you are averse to the idea of marketing, then the video is the right option for you. It doesn’t require you to do much and there are certain projects where you wouldn’t even have to invest much, no matter how much it is recommended. All you’d need is an excellent script that could rightly pay off.


In Philadelphia, and around the world, video marketing is gaining popularity as the years are passing by. Marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t stress upon making it a part of your marketing campaigns for nothing. People have been able to reap fruits of video production and now it’s your time to have some. Incorporating video doesn’t mean that you’d have to say goodbye to your sales-oriented thoughts, instead, you can have them visualized in your business video and have your salesman carry it at his disposal for approaching well to the clients. If you think you need help with the production services, you can trust Chocolate Bar Studios.

February 3, 2018