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Traditional Advertising Vs Video Production

Video Production is the new hype of Content Marketing. It can be said that with having customers coming in great numbers to a website, video marketing can surely get your word to your target audiences. Traditional marketing is being suffocated day-by-day by new methods of this age. Normally and majorly based on the internet, the marketing strategies that are used by the business owners like that of Business Video tactic, traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, TV, and radio are […]

November 8, 2017

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[How to] Plan Your Video Production Budget

Want to know the most common problem when a business decides to start marketing with video? Budgeting. They want to pick up their camera and start filming before ever thinking about the numbers. As a result, they start producing videos without a plan, which is almost guaranteed to fail. What’s your Customer Lifetime Value [CLV]? Before we start rehearsing your monolog, you need to figure out what your customer lifetime value is. Customer lifetime value is how much profit your […]

March 27, 2017

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5 Ways to Break From the Video Mold and Engage Your Audience

Creating Unique Video Content Too often people think of online video as one single video in a standard cookie cutter format. It bothers me; it actually, does more than bother me it drives me bonkers!   Your business is completely different than every other business out there. Why? Because you are a unique individual, who brings a special something that makes your business unique. When producing video content, you should be making videos that are tailored specifically to you, your […]

November 16, 2016

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Focus on Video

You log onto Facebook and in the first 15 seconds, you see a video. You log onto Google and in the top 3 hits, there’s another video. With video taking over the internet it has you wondering…. Should my business being using online video to market our products and services? The short answer, YES and here are five reasons why your business should be focusing on video.   1) Free Distribution Unlike other advertising platforms such as newspaper, billboards, radio, […]

August 1, 2016

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Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Where Will Online Video Be 1 Year From Now? Planning your company’s video strategy requires some forethought. Being able to predict the video marketing trends for 2017 when producing video will increase your video’s engagement, and have a longer shelf life. These techniques are a little different than your standard marketing video, but if you want a standard video, you’ll be looking at standard results. We want an amazing video with even better results, so let’s hop in the DeLorean […]

May 31, 2016

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How to Sell Video Marketing to a Skeptic

Video Marketing

Improve your Marketing ROI with Video Marketing Not everyone jumps on the video bandwagon immediately. Rightfully so it’s a new industry that isn’t as cut and dry as a billboard or newspaper ad. The dynamics of video marketing may make it intimidating, but they’re the reason why it’s so successful. The creative and personal touch you can put on a video makes it a powerful marketing tool to engage your audience and generate more leads. If you’re not sold on […]

May 10, 2016

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How to Use Instagram Video for Your Business

Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Instagram Video Than You Might Think When people think of video they often think Youtube or maybe Facebook, but in fact they’re missing out on the sleeping giant, Instagram. In recent years, Instagram video has surged in popularity making it easier than ever for business owners to build an audience. With the proper hashtags and video content, you can expect a huge ROI on your video content. If you’re using Instagram for your business, […]

May 3, 2016

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How to Win Big with Video Marketing

Video Marketing Tips to Success “It’s good to win at roulette but it’s better to own the casino” is a proverb that my father always told me. Luck will only get you so far when it comes to gambling or in Video Marketing. If you’re spending your days spinning the roulette wheel of video marketing hoping for it to land on viral video then you up for a rude awakening. It’s easy to pass off a viral video as random […]

April 25, 2016

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7 Things Your Parents Taught You About Video Marketing


As a child you look up to your parents, as a teenager you resent them and as an adult, you realize they actually taught you some pretty cool stuff. Your mom taught you how to talk to girls and your dad taught you that even though you’re his son and you’ll never beat him when it comes to Irish car bombs. Not all lessons from your parents are as pronounced as you would think. When I became my career in […]

April 9, 2016

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The Best Advice for Consistently Converting with Video

How to Increase Your Video’s Conversion Rate Video Marketing has become a necessity to entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers that are looking to generate more leads for their business. It is a proven method that increases a website’s session duration, reduces bounce rates and increases engagement with your audience. It is the optimal solution that a majority of business owners are implementing into their business. However, there is one small problem…. with the infinite hours of video available online, it […]

April 4, 2016

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