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With the rise of digital technology, business is increasingly being done in digital space. Human contact is often limited to conference calls and faceless emails. Deacom, an ERP software company in the Philadelphia area, was looking for a way to break free from the anonymity of the internet and humanize their brand. Deacom wanted their customers of past, present and future to know who the people behind the Deacom name are, and why clients should trust Deacom with their business.

Deacom provides an outstanding Enterprise Resource Planning solution for businesses all over the nation. As Deacom often works remotely for their customers, they struggle with not always being able to connect with their clients on a personal level during day to day operations.

Creating an online video gave Deacom the means to distribute a personal message to all of their customers. At Chocolate Bar Studios, we worked extensively with Deacom to produce a video that showcased exactly who the people are that work behind the scenes at Deacom. Over the course of one year, we followed the construction, destruction and renovations of their new office building. The footage was combined with an interview of the owner, Jay Deakins, to give present the audience with a picture of who Deacom was and who they’ve grown into today.

The completed video was not only embedded on Deacom’s website, but also distributed through their social media channels and email lists. Free distribution of this video allowed Deacom to reduce the costs of creating a video, resulting in a higher ROI. The video’s success lead to Deacom investing and implementing, more videos into their marketing strategy.

Chocolate Bar Studios has created several videos for Deacom. In the modern world, our prospective customers are much more likely to watch a video than they are to read a white paper or read copy on our web site. I hear tons of comments back from people that they have watched our videos and felt more comfortable about working with us because of the videos. Greg and the folks at Chocolate Bar have been great to work with and I would highly recommend their services.

Jay Deakins
Founder and CEO Deacom, Inc.

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