August 25, 2016

Evergreen Marketing with Video

Too often than not entrepreneurs and marketers are measuring their success by how much new business they’re bringing in and not focusing on their current customer base. These are clients who already know you, presumably like you and purchased your products in the past. Not engaging these past customers is a poor investment of your time and resources. By nurturing these past clients, you can turn them from a one and done to an evergreen customer that will continuously buy your products. In this post, I want to show you how online video can re-engage these customers to increase your profits.


Relevancy is King

In the past, it was common to hear “Content is King,” this might have been true five years ago but not anymore. With so much content available your audience has millions of options of how they want to spend their time. To best connect with them you need to deliver content to them that is super relevant to them. In fact the more relevant you can get the more likely you’ll build a connection and succeed. Let’s stop talking theory and break down into an example.

“With so much content available your audience has millions of options of how they want to spend their time.”


You run a dentist’s office in Bala Cynwyd, PA and have a collection of 200 repeat customers. The majority of your income comes from cleanings which should be done every six months, but a lot of clients push it to 8 or even 12 months in between cleanings. This duration between cleanings is hurting your income and your patient’s teeth. You need to find a way to connect with them and remind them to come back in for a cleaning.

Each customer has to list their email when they sign up for your services, so this provides you with the perfect way to connect with your clients. After each customer comes in for a cleaning you could schedule an email with a video embedded in it to be sent out six months after they, have a cleaning. I would recommend a tongue in cheek video about dentists and cleanings. Make it fun and entertaining. The customer watches the video then at the end they’re giving a call to action to click the button below to schedule a cleaning. Boom! You now have a way for to remind your customers and provide them with an easy way to sign up.

No one hits home runs the first time they step to bat and neither will you. After you launch your campaign, you will have to monitor your results continually and tweak it accordingly. If you find that customers aren’t finishing your video, maybe you should try a shorter video or a different style a video. Through repetition and persistent measurements you’ll discover what is the best method to connect with your customers through video.


Personal Messages

Businesses are sending piles of generic marketing requests on a daily basis. You can break through the clutter by sending them a private message. Assign one day to shoot a personal message for one or even 50 private messages to your clients. I’m talking videos specific to that person.


“Record a personal video intro for every individual.”


Jumping back to our dentist’s office scenario. This technique would come in handy to produce dental cleaning reminder videos. Record a personal video intro for every individual. It could be as simple as “Hi Jim it’s been over six months since we’ve seen you and we miss your teeth. Schedule a cleaning by clicking the button below and we can get your teeth shining again.” It’s quick simple and efficient. Your customers will be flattered by the personal video message.

Not all your personal messages need to be asking for their money, consider a thank you video after a customer has made a big purchase. If little Suzy’s parents just spent $10,000 on braces then a thank you video with some tips on how to live with braces would be an excellent opportunity to re-engage your customers.


Future Sales

Once someone buys one product, they’re likely to buy another; this is why you see so many websites offer $1 trials or a $10 starter pack. Your past customers already trust you, and it’ll be significantly easier to sell them an upsell or new product than it is to find and close a new sale.

When a person goes to a dentist, there is a high possibility that they’re going to return. It’s your job as the business owner or marketer to engage this customer continuously to keep them coming back. Consider ways how you can stay in contact with them. Offer a 5% discount to new clients who like your page & sign up to your email list. Boom! Now you have a list of new customers you can keep in contact. With their email address, you could insert them into an email automation that will automatically send them email updates until they sign up for their next cleaning.

The opportunities for evergreen marketing are overshadowed by the glory of closing a new sale but make up for it with a high ROI. The cost of closing a new deal will often be much higher than the cost to re-engage and old customer. Take a long hard look at your business and decide how you could re-engage past clients with video. Then send me your ideas or questions, at I would love to hear what creative ideas you have.

August 25, 2016