December 2, 2015

Guidelines to Film in Your Office

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The subject of your marketing videos will most likely be your company so filming in your office is a great choice. You’ll cut costs you would have spent on renting and decorating a location. When using your home office to film a video you need to be aware of the guidelines that come with the territory.


Select a Date (Weekday or Weekend)

Filming a video requires control over your surroundings. If your office is a loud, fast-moving business you should consider filming on your off hours when it is much quieter. To keep your employees in check your filming day should be treated as a special occasion similar to a company-wide meeting.


Notify Personnel

All staff should be aware of the filming as soon as possible with a reminder going out the day before and day of. The extra time will allow your staff to plan around your shoot and minimize disturbances.


Include People

Your staff will naturally be curious about what you’re filming. If you’re able to include them into the process you should. It’s a team building activity waiting to happen! The inclusion will get your staff excited about the video. Expect social media posts and lots of fun gossip by the water cooler, not to mention a great video at the end.


Monitor Noise

Take a moment and listen to your office. What do you hear? Phones ringing? Machines running? These types of noises will interfere with your video and make it inaudible for your viewer. Talk with your co-workers to keep noises to a minimum during your shoot.


Provide Food

Nothing soothes over a bad temper like free food. Having a table of snacks, called Crafty in the film world, for your cast, crew and staff will keep everyone in a good mood. Get a variety of items including healthy items. Water, fruit, trail mix and beef jerky as always a big hit.

December 2, 2015

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