January 25, 2018

[VLOG] Guidelines to Video Success: Producing a Video That Matters


You’re an entrepreneur or a marketer looking to grow your business with video marketing. All your videos will be a reflection of your brand and should depict why viewers should do business with you.


To get yourself started you need to follow the guidelines to video success. It consists of 4 topics that we’ll review today.


1) Video Serves a Purpose

Video is a beautiful medium that people love to enjoy, but sometimes people get lost in the aesthetics.


Just like a billboard or a newspaper ad, video is a form of marketing and should be treated as such. Your business wouldn’t buy an advertisement just because it looks cool… so why do it with video?


Video should always serve a purpose. Successful video marketing, just like all forms of marketing should target a specific demographic and deliver a specific marketing message. These variables should be developed before beginning your video. Start with the destination and work backward.


2) Setting Goals

When developing a video, you need to set tangible and attainable goals for your video to achieve. These parameters should judge the video’s return on investment following the project.


By setting standards to monitor how your video is performing, you set up a starting point from which to grow, and figure out what is the best way to implement future videos in your specific marketing plan.


3) Don’t Go Viral

Viral videos are rarely planned. Internet trends are notoriously hard to predict, and making a video that is trendy means your video is already behind the curve.


Instead of attempting to create a video that caters to this week’s Internet phenomena, focus on building a video that appeals to the viewers that your website already has.


Your viewers are there for a reason, present them with a video that details why your company is the best company for their needs.


These are potential customers that are already interested in your product. Strategic video marketing targets and converts viewers into loyal customers


4) Establish a Budget

Budgeting is an uncomfortable subject. It is, however, a necessary evil that should be addressed in the early stages when producing a video. Knowing your budget will allow you to tailor your scripts and video strategy in order make the best use of that hard-earned cash.


Your money and time are essential to you. Make it count. Be upfront with your production company; let them help you make choices that make sense for your business and your budget. Have them prepare a few proposals at different price ranges to see what benefits each plan offers.


There is always a way to make things work; it is just a matter of what compromises you can make while still delivering your marketing message to your customer.


Implementing these four guidelines will put you a leg up on the competition and win the heart of your viewers. Remember you’re making videos to for the viewers. Think about what they want out of your videos.

January 25, 2018