November 9, 2015

How to Save Yourself from Boring Videos

It’s sad whenever you see a marketing plan in the morgue and it has a tag around its toe labeled “Death by Boredom”. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but boring videos are a surefire way to kill your video marketing campaign. Video is the most exciting and fun medium to market with. Online users love video, which puts you in a great position to collect some new leads if you can save yourself from boring videos.


Don’t confuse your passion with your sales pitch.

You love what you do which is awesome! Although you can’t assume that your audience is as passionate as you are. Think from a buyer’s prospective. What are they looking for? Why should they choose to work with you? What makes you stand out against the competitor? By tailoring your video to the viewer’s needs you will see increased engagement and conversions. Remember this video is for them, not for you.

Break the mold!

In the past corporate videos were painful things to sit through. They were overly produced with uncharismatic people talking straight to camera reading off a teleprompter, yawn… Your audience is watching video content to be informed and entertained. Companies that take risks and try new things often gain the most results. Take Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club for example. They’re notable brands that have become famous for their ridiculous videos.


Keep it Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S.

Bombarding viewers with too much content or too much detail can turn viewers away. Online viewers are fragile creatures that get scared. Deliver information in small chunks to keep your audience watching and entertained. For example, instead of making one 30 minute video, make six 5 minute videos. It’s the same amount of content but broken down into easily digestible portions.

Are you funny?

If you’re not a funny person in real life then you might have trouble writing a comedy script for your video. Speak to the office jokesters and get them in on the video. Give them your creative guidelines for the project and let them brainstorm a few ideas. After a script is complete have a few people act it out to test the material. Figure out which jokes land and which need tweaking.



Drop the Beat!

Adding music and sound effects will give your video an extra punch. The ASPCA did a great example with their “Hovercat” video in June 2012. They took a video of a normal cat and cut it together with some electronic music. The video of the cat alone is pretty boring, but add some dub step? Now we have a viral video. Music should be used as a tool that can invoke different emotional cues.


Online video should be a fun experience for the viewers. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to make fun and engaging content you’ll see an ROI that boring videos can only dream of. Take the next step to creating amazing video content by scheduling a free consultation with one of our video producers.

November 9, 2015

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