May 10, 2016

How to Sell Video Marketing to a Skeptic

Video Marketing

Improve your Marketing ROI with Video Marketing

Not everyone jumps on the video bandwagon immediately. Rightfully so it’s a new industry that isn’t as cut and dry as a billboard or newspaper ad. The dynamics of video marketing may make it intimidating, but they’re the reason why it’s so successful. The creative and personal touch you can put on a video makes it a powerful marketing tool to engage your audience and generate more leads. If you’re not sold on video marketing by now let me break it down for you.


Exchanging Time for Money

Do you work in a job where you a restricted in selling your time for money? Is your success limited to the hours in a day? Video frees you from this time paradox because it works for you 24/7 around the clock. What would once be a one hour call can now be broken down into ten 5 minute videos that can be reused for every client? Video works as a great disqualifier when it comes to lead generation. Your salespersons might close 1 out of every 100 leads that come in. If you’re able to distribute a video to those 100 leads it will disqualify a fraction of them allowing your salespersons to focus on the qualified leads.


Stats don’t lie

Video is a growing medium that can’t be ignored. In 2015 online video consisted of 57% of consumer internet traffic. In 2018, that number is expected to rise to 79%! The reason for this growth is because 90% of the information human’s process is visual. In comparison to text, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain. This is why videos are so compelling. The viewer is able to interpret emotion, cadences, and gestures from video that isn’t possible with text.


Support not Replace

When I talk about video marketing I don’t want it to replace your current marketing tactics; I want it to enhance your marketing. Video is a supportive medium to amplify your marketing message. For example: including video in your emails increases click-through rates by 96%. Think of how you’re currently marketing to your audience. How can video be incorporated to strengthen your message?


Give the People What They Want

Social media is now the standard for how people interact with their friends and favorite brands. At the forefront of those interactions is video. Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. If your brand wants to get noticed and shared on social media, you need to be creating engaging and content-rich videos.


You’re the Expert

It’s a known fact that people do business with brands they trust. How do you build that confidence in an increasingly digital landscape? Through online video. With video, you’re able to connect with viewers on a personal level and establish your expertise by teaching them tips about your industry. If you’re a lawn mower distributor, then a series of videos on how to take care of your lawn mower would be a great investment. Your target audience would find your videos informative and learn to turn to you when they need help. Once the viewer is ready to purchase a new lawn mower who do you think they’re going to call first? They know you’re knowledgeable from your video and have a personal connection with whoever hosted the videos.


As video technology becomes more accessible in all of our devices, you can rest assured that video marketing will grow with it. Entering the video marketing arena has never been a more convenient opportunity for businesses. With free hosting services on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, the costs of video marketing, are minimal. To unlock the real power of video marketing, you need to start today. Let us help you on your path to generating more leads with video marketing. Drop us a line and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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May 10, 2016