May 3, 2016

How to Use Instagram Video for Your Business

Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Instagram Video Than You Might Think

When people think of video they often think Youtube or maybe Facebook, but in fact they’re missing out on the sleeping giant, Instagram. In recent years, Instagram video has surged in popularity making it easier than ever for business owners to build an audience. With the proper hashtags and video content, you can expect a huge ROI on your video content. If you’re using Instagram for your business, then listen up because you need to know about Instagram video.

Supporting Apps

Instagram knows video is the next big thing, and they want it on their platform. To encourage video, they have been developing video applications to help you create your next Instagram post. Their two newest apps, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse are widely popular and should be incorporated into your videos. The easy to use applications add a creative touch to your videos without any of the headaches of professional editing software.



Instagram is still a very clean marketing space and because of that hashtags are still widely popular. Adding 10-20 supportive hashtags to your video post will easily give you 50+ likes if your content is relevant and visually appealing.


First Frame of Video

The very first frame of your video should be beautiful! Instagram pulls this frame and uses as the thumbnail for your video. If you start your video with black and fade up then, you can expect a dismal response because your video will appear black until played. Start your videos with that beautiful sunset or a plate of delicious food that will entice your viewers.


Facebook Advertising

The Facebook advertising platform is now expanding into Instagram making it easier than ever to target your customers. Using the Facebook Power Editor, you can create custom audiences and advertising campaigns to target your customers. With a few dollars you can expect thousands of impressions on your next video.


60 Seconds of Fame

Instagram has just increased the time limit of their videos from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Even with 1 minute of video, is that a lot of time to work with? No, not really but it does give you the opportunity to make a lot of video content! What would normally be one 5 minute video can be chopped up into five separate Instagram videos. This gives you mountains of content to distribute and keep your audience engaged.



Get your name out there by running a few Instagram contests. In exchange for tagging three friends in the comment section of your post, they’ll be entered to win one of your widgets. It’s a surefire way to increase traction on your page and get eyes on your product. If your product has a high price tag, then consider making your customers create a video and use a custom hashtag. After the contest is over, pick your favorite and re-gram it.


Instagram video is a new and exciting form of marketing. The 15-second videos force your brand to be creative when making content. If you want your audience to listen to your message, then spend some time creating relevant content that your audience will enjoy.




May 3, 2016