September 28, 2015

How to Use Video Content as an Attorney

Video Marketing For Attorneys


Getting clients as an attorney can be an absolutely brutal process. Not only is the competition fierce, but client acquisition doesn’t exactly fall into the core skill set of even the most talented litigators. The advent of the internet and the explosive growth of technology associated with it has only made this competition more cutthroat.

Remember a little over a decade ago when plenty of attorneys still believed that having your own website was just a fad that would eventually go away? Yeah, just be glad you’re not one of those guys.

But even all this extra competition and a faster-paced market hasn’t stopped some business-savvy practitioners and firms from generating a steady stream of high quality clients, just through their website. But how do they do it?

Most of them are leveraging attorney video marketing to drive prospective clients back to their website and ultimately to pick up the phone and dial in. As you can imagine, these same people are turning to professional production studios to generate these videos – reputation is still everything in the legal industry.

The right kind of video, made by the right studio will do nothing but boost or build on your already strong reputation.

They also allow you to do many things that just aren’t as easily accomplished through other forms of media, such as quickly explaining complex legal topics in only a few moments, building trust with your clients by answering their questions directly (without ever having to get on the phone at all), crafting a story that builds a deeper connection between client and lawyer – and best of all, a well produced and marketed video will passively generate leads for months or even years after production finishes.

I don’t know about you, but that all sounds pretty great to me.

Why Attorney Video Marketing Works


Video content is an extremely value-rich form of media, which makes it perfect for attorneys. Sometimes you have a lot more to say than you can simply fit onto an ad – and who really identifies with the faces in suits they see next to a bunch of bolded letters while riding the subway, anyway?

There are plenty of very concrete reasons why video content is perfect for attorneys looking to grow their business:

Video is the quickest and easiest way to explain complex subjects to prospective clients
attorney video marketing

No more over-simplifying for the sake of fitting your copy onto an ad, or struggling to explain legal jargon in a blog post. Even a one-minute video could allow you to fully explain what it is you have on offer for your clients. This is because not only are you speaking or using audio, you can also incorporate visual elements into the video to assist you in your explanation. This makes animated videos a very powerful option for law firms looking to explain themselves in the simplest and most elegant way possible – it also helps to make you or your firm feel far more approachable to your average person.

A well crafted attorney explainer video builds trust between you and your clients or prospects

It’s undeniable that we all identify with human voices much more strongly than we do with any form of written advertisements. How many of you can still hear the voice of James Earl Jones in your head today, in spite of the fact that Bell Atlantic hasn’t even existed for years? I’d be willing to wager it’s quite a few of you.

Who would you be more likely to call – the face in a suit next to some overblown copywriting or the voice speaking directly to you about how they can alleviate your own legal problems?

Video simply sticks in our minds for longer and is heavily associated with much higher levels of recall, even weeks after seeing the video.

Video is the easiest way to craft a story associated with your practice

The story behind nearly any lawyer or law firm usually isn’t a short one, or particularly interesting if presented in a literal manner – especially if done through text.

But what if you were able to release a short animated clip explaining how your firm grew from a single-desk basement office to a three-floor operation on Park Avenue, with animations to visibly represent this monumental undertaking? That’s a story.

Now you’re no longer just “another” law firm, you’re that firm with an engaging backstory and a history of treating your clients right that has lead to you being where you are today.

The practice of storytelling is one of the most impactful marketing tactics across all forms of media, video simply allows you to tell a deeper, richer story and in a short period of time than anything else.

Video content can differentiate you from your competition and establish you as an expert

Producing a few explainer videos covering the most common questions or legal issues which your prospective clients are looking to have answered is a tried-and-true method for establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of a client – before ever meeting or speaking with them.

Attorney services are a need-drive product – if someone is searching for legal questions on Google it’s almost a guarantee that they are prepared to purchase the services of an experienced attorney. Most of the law is a pretty big mystery to the general public so when legal troubles do arise, this is the first thing most people do.

Imagine if they found your video during this search. What if it was a simple animated clip using the design alongside your voice to walk them through the answer to their question in a way that is simple and easy for them to understand? What if at the end of the video you left a link to your website or even the phone number of your practice?

I wonder which law firm this prospective client would be most likely to turn to after all of that…

Actually, I don’t – because it would be yours.

So now you know why more and more attorneys are turning to video marketing in order to build their client base, but how exactly does attorney video marketing work? Or more importantly – what doesn’t work in attorney video marketing?

Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered.

What Makes Attorney Video Marketing Work?


Just like anything else that’s been done many times, it’s not hard to see what works and what doesn’t work in attorney video marketing if you’ve worked in the field or even just taken the time to compare the videos of firms which ran successful campaigns against those who didn’t.

Luckily for you we’ve tackled the problem from both ends and would love to share with you exactly what specific elements take attorney marketing videos to the next level:


1. Market the attorneys and not the firm

The lawyers themselves are the ones who provide the service and every lawyer is different.
By focusing on individual attorneys you allow an even greater opportunity for humanization of the firm as a whole, using the attorney as a proxy for this.
Placing a focus on how you as an individual, or your individual attorneys approach the problems of their clients and provide services is a way to immediately differentiate your marketing from every firm that goes on and on about how prestigious, or old their firm is. People don’t obsess Harvard because of how prestigious or old the university is, it is prestigious because they consistently deliver the best service in their vertical.


2. Place a laser focus on your target demographics

Depending on what type of law you practice, you should have a very specific set of people in mind who you are trying to reach. In marketing, these are known as buyer personas.
Your video should reflect the needs, pain points and sometimes even the fears of these target groups. For example, the animated video for a DUI attorney and a cyber law specialist would be radically different in both message and presentation – just as they are radically different legal concepts.


3. Get your former clients on video

This is the ultimate opportunity for an attorney to appeal to the emotions of their prospective clients. You positioning yourself as their personal problem-solver highly qualifies you in the eyes of your prospective clients, hearing from others how you also solved their problems puts that qualification through the roof.

Make the video focus on how you solve problems for your clients and not about yourself

One of the biggest and most common mistakes I see in attorney video marketing are videos in which the lawyer simply talks about his or herself for the entire video. How many people do you normally enjoy spending time with who do nothing but talk about him or herself?

This is really Marketing 101, focus on what you can do for the client and they will start listening – because suddenly you’ve made a video that focuses solely on them, the customer.




There’s a world of opportunity out there for any attorney or law firm that’s willing to try something new and give video a shot. You can simply do so many more things through video than you can through any other form of media – especially in regards to simplifying complexity, which is really the biggest problem in communications between attorneys and the general public.

There’s plenty of reasons to give attorney video marketing a whirl:

  • You can explain complex subjects in only a few seconds
  • You actively build trust between you and your client base through a passive asset
  • A well-crafted script gives your clients a story to associate with your firm, making you many magnitudes more memorable

Because of all of the above, attorney video marketing is the most direct route to differentiating yourself from competing firms and establish you as an expert in what you practice

September 28, 2015

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