February 26, 2016

Is Your Video Content Relevant?

Video Marketing Relevancy

Some people like horror movies or comedies or those weird experimental films that no one understands. Hollywood movies are created to target a specific audience. By targeting that audience in their movies they’re able to deliver relevant content the viewer can connect with. Your marketing videos should be no different.


When creating a marketing video you need to decide who your audience is prior to making your video. Your goal should be to produce content that is relevant to your audience. For example if you’re a plumber then you shouldn’t be sending out videos about rug installation. Straying away from your audience’s interests will land you with an “unsubscribe” or even worse the spam folder.To keep your content relevant you need to look deeper into your marketing demographics.


Who is your target audience?

Look at past sales or competitors. What does their customer base look like? Is it college students, large families, elderly people?


Where is that audience communicating?

Depending on your audience they’ll be communicating through different mediums. If your target audience is elderly people then Instagram or Vine wouldn’t be a good method of delivering your message. If your audience is college students then Facebook would be a great choice. Find out where your audience is and bring the content to them.


What problems can you solve for your audience?

If your content proves to be valuable then you’ll find content marketing to be bountiful. Addressing your audience’s pain points will attract attention and set yourself as an expert. Don’t worry about “giving away” valuable information in your videos. This information will provide your business with a vision of transparency and knowledge. Once a viewer is ready to buy your name will be the first on the list because they trust you.


Where are they at in the buying journey?

A customer that is window-shopping vs a customer trying on clothes are in very different mindsets. To keep your content relevant and more successful you need to deliver content that is applicable to the customer’s current mindset. The more relevant it is to the prospect in their buying journey the more success and higher ROI you will see from your videos.


As you experiment with relevancy you will see your conversions go up. You will receive less overall impressions but the impressions you do receive are more likely to become leads and customers. The extra work required to target your audience is a necessary step to anyone content marketing. Delivering untargeted messages can scare off your audience with as little as one email.


If you care about generating more leads with your business then you need to be focusing on relevancy. If your content isn’t providing your audience with value then it’s no different then a spam email.

February 26, 2016