September 10, 2015

Marketing Your Video Content – for Beginners

What Are the Best Tips for Video Marketing if I’m a Beginner?

Getting started out in any field, vertical or trade can be far more intimidating than it ever needs to be. As humans we have a tendency to create mountains in our own minds, when all along it was simply a gently sloping hill we needed to ascend.

Breaking away from this fear and wrapping yourself in the cotton wool of your own confidence is one of the first steps towards finding success in any new venture. Nothing is ever as hard as we allow ourselves to believe it is.

I see this same apprehension and the same distraught faces on people who are making their first forays into video marketing. As an assurance, none of this is as complex as you think it is – and you can do it. You will do it well if you just follow through on some of these simple tips for video marketing, starting out.

1) Got a Blog?


If you’re beginning to invest yourself and your resources into video marketing, it’s a fairly safe guess that you have some form of blog running already. This is fantastic news if it happens to be the case. Your blog and the appending audience you’ve built are an ideal jumping-off point for your first few pieces of video content.

Taking things up a notch and crafting an entire page or greater piece of content based around the video can reap hugely positive results for you. In fact, taking things up a notch should simply be the way you operate day-to-day if you hope to break through to the other side.

Craft a specific strategy around your pieces of video content. Creating pages for these videos with relevant keywords in the copy of the page is one of the best ways to secure an initial drip of traffic (from SEO) outside of your current audience, while still keeping the video content internally hosted.


2) Open Up the Rolodex


If you don’t have a blog, hopefully you have a pre-existing list of business contacts and customers. Kudos to you if you’re already maintaining regular contact with this email list through some form of email marketing – that puts you hugely ahead of the rest of the field when it comes to promoting your video content for the first time.

People who have done business with you or have taken the time and effort to sign up for your email list are some of the most highly qualified leads that exist in business. Why not spice things up by sending them a relevant or interesting piece of video content every once in a while?

Now you’re not just another email hitting their inbox out of many, you’re the brand that sends out that kick ass videos that I can’t wait to open when they hit my inbox.


3) Pay-to-Play


Paid promotion and advertising through one of the many available platforms is a great way to reach a targeted audience almost immediately. I mean, there’s a reason that there’s a direct cost associated with this type of marketing. For those just starting out with video marketing I’d highly recommend a focus on Facebook and Google Adwords when it comes to paid promotion.

Both platforms will take a bit of time to learn in and of themselves, but the two compose an enormous chunk of the advertising done online. The time invested in learning the platforms will more than pay itself back when you’re able to optimize your campaigns for the widest reach at the lowest possible cost. You can always look towards an outside hire if you don’t feel you have the time or the wherewithal to handle this on your own.

TruView ads are also a great place to start for those marketing video content. This is the network that allows you to run your video content through the Youtube network, with some pretty nifty demographic targeting.


4) Free-to-Play


Social media websites were always target for free promotion long before they had their own internal paid advertising schemes in place. To let you in on a tiny secret, they still are! Reddit alone accounts for upwards of 6% of all internet traffic in North America.

That’s an insanely huge number, if you were wondering.

Make an effort to assess where your ideal demographics gather online. It will almost always be a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Instagram. There are other more niche social sites and of course countless blogs, Q&A boards, forums, etc – but we are just starting out with video marketing after all.

By taking the time to find where these demographics gather, you can also see how they interact within the context of each platform. Learn the ways of your prey so that you can blend in amongst them. Before you know it you could be performing some of your successful marketing in a way that isn’t recognized by your targets as marketing at all!


5) Always Optimize


We couldn’t talk about digital marketing without eventually talking about SEO, could we? Following the same rules of optimization with your video content can be hugely powerful when it comes to getting your videos seen by a wider audience who are already qualifying their interest in your content through their queries.

As a quick overview, these are the steps you need to focus on in this process.

  • Execute on deep and thorough keyword research. This forms the basis for everything to follow, so take your time with this.
  • Incorporate a keyword rich title and description in each of your videos. These send some of the strongest signals to all search crawlers when it comes to ranking based on keywords.
  • Increase the social signals associated with your video content posts. I speak a little more on this HERE.
  • Make sure that your closed captions and transcript are accurate and optimized for the keywords you are trying to target in relation to this piece of video content.
  • Always associate a Google+ profile with your Youtube channel, this helps to verify the legitimacy of your brand.
  • Pick the most engaging or interesting thumbnail you can for your video. How many times have you clicked on one that simply caught your eye?
  • Make sure the file name accurately describes the content of the video itself.
  • Sometimes simply throwing the keyword “video” onto the end of your initial title can further qualify the search traffic coming to your video page
  • Ensure that users can access your content through RSS feeds, many people still consume content through this method.
  • Always add relevant tags to your videos.


You Can Do This!


Just because something is a bit scary doesn’t mean it’s necessarily difficult, and never means it’s something too difficult for you to accomplish. Don’t get scared off by the idea of entering the gauntlet of video marketing – because everyone in the game now was in your shoes once.

Everyone you’re competing with is human, and they’ve all had their own successes and failures in the past. Educating yourself by reading articles like this one is one of the first steps towards realizing this success for yourself.

Congratulations on being ahead of the pack already, now keep on running.

September 10, 2015

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