North Star Integrity, a new online start up, needed maximum exposure on a minimal budget. With Video Marketing they were able to target their perfect customers and receive the impressions they were looking for.

Recently founded, North Star Integrity sought to stand apart from other online identity protection competition in an ever increasing online market. The two new founders of the company had a limited marketing budget, but they knew their marketing decisions had to be strong, notable and deliberate.

North Star Integrity required a video that would be consistently relevant, allowing them to generate a ROI off of the video for years to come.

In 2014, North Star Integrity came to Chocolate Bar Studios with their video marketing dilemma: collecting maximum views with a minimal budget. North Star Integrity knew the solution needed to be digital and repurposable for future marketing campaigns.

Chocolate Bar Studios began work with North Star Integrity, creating a video marketing plan that targeted their primary demographics, fit marketing budget and worked towards future plans of the company. The video producers at Chocolate Bar Studios crafted a script that highlighted the unique features that North Star Integrity had to offer.

The video was shot over the course of one shoot day, and used 7 actors and 5 crew members. After video editing was completed, the informative and targeted commercial was distributed to North Star Integrity and, from there, the appropriate video channels according to their marketing plan.

We launched our company in 2014 on a limited marketing budget. With such a small budget we thought it was impossible to create the type of video we were looking for. However after working with Chocolate Bar Studios we were able to tailor the video to fit our exact needs and budget. The video has given us immense amounts of exposure.

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