January 2, 2016

Promote your Next Event with Video

Documenting your event with video has become a common practice in the industry. Clubs, concerts, corporate events, you name it most places are making highlight videos to send out to everyone who came. This is a great practice that can re-engage all of your past attendees, however there is a whole area of event videography that is frequently overlooked.


If you’re looking to increase awareness and attendees for your next event you need to make a video.


Get People Excited

A :15-:60 second video will get your audience excited about your upcoming event. Showcase your highlights and everything they have to look forward to. Use footage from past events and visual effects to really spice it up.



Everyone wants to be the person who discovered the next best thing. If you make a strong enough video your audience will do all the marketing for you. Videos are proven to be shared 1200% more than links and text combined, and Facebook puts a priority on videos over standard text posts. You’ll receive more impressions and ultimately more conversions.


Promoted Posts for More Profit

Promoting a post on social media is a cheap way to gain a lot views quickly. A $50 boost on a video will gather 5,000-10,000 impressions, even if you’re converting at 1% of all viewers that’s 50-100 new attendees! If you really want to see growth try A/B testing different videos and see what works best. Overtime you’ll grow your conversion and your wallet.


Low Cost to Produce

If you already have video footage from past events, creating a promotional video is a quick and affordable process. Being able to repurpose old video footage will increase your video marketing ROI.


Single Call to Action

Online viewers are like deer, they scare easily. Overwhelming them with too much information can cause them to click away to something easier to digest. If you ask the viewer to do 10 things at the end of your video do you think they will actually do all 10? Probably not. Keep it simple! Your video should have one clear call-to-action whether it’s sign up to receive a discount to the event or register for the event and make sure the link is right next to the video and ready for them to click.


Music Festivals have become immensely successful using video to promote their events. Their videos gain millions of views and turn the festivals into overnight successes. While you may not be throwing a giant dance party the concepts still remain true. People enjoy video and it’s a great way to spread your message.

January 2, 2016

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