August 20, 2015

Quick Tips for Marketing with Video Content

Harnessing the Power of Video for Your Marketing Efforts

Videos can cause powerful emotional reactions in the viewer. Unlike text, a well-made video can have the viewer laughing, crying, or be otherwise intensely engaged in as fast as 90 seconds. So no matter what product or service you provide, video is going to be an effective way to reach your audience.

There’s no one secret to making a great marketing video. But there are plenty of little tips and tricks. The more of these you use in your video, the greater your chances are of creating a viral hit. Here are my top five favorites:

  1. Solve a Problem

Everyone has problems both big and small. Your product or service certainly solves some kind of problem. Emphasize how easier the viewer’s life will be if they buy what you’re selling.

This doesn’t mean your product or service has to be the focus of the video, either. For instance, almost everyone wakes up with a messy head of hair in the morning. Your video “How to Get Rid of Bed-Head in Two Minutes” can provide a variety of hair-healthy tips. If one of those tips happens to involve a hair product you sell, so much the better.

  1. Create Clear, Catchy Titles

People want to have an idea of what they’re watching. So make sure the title of your video clearly reflects the topic. But you want to add a little pizazz, too. An entertaining title indicates that the video itself will be entertaining as well.

For instance…

“How to Change the Oil in Your Car” is clear, but not clever.

“Changing the Oil in Your Car (even if You’re Not a Grease Monkey)” is just as clear, but with a little welcome dash of personality.

  1. Be Keyword-Minded

In the above example, you’ve already covered the key phrase “changing the oil in your car.” You’ve even got “grease monkey” in there, although I’m not sure if that’s much more than an interesting bonus. The point, however, is to use identify the correct keywords for your market and then implement them in the titles and transcripts associated with your video.

Aside from titles, use the proper keywords in tags, video descriptions and in any video annotations.

  1. Make Your Video Easy to Use

If you’re hosting the videos on your site, create a separate page for each one. This makes it easier for users to…

  • comment, since each video will have a dedicated comment space.
  • share, since each video has a distinct URL.
  • search, since (again) each video has its own URL.

Also, you should allow embedding of your videos. This allows users to put your videos on their site with a few simple clicks. The only time you don’t want to allow embedding is if users are directly paying to see your videos (that is, if your videos are your product).

  1. Grab Your Viewer’s Attention Fast

When commercials come on during a TV show, the viewer can watch those commercials, change the channel for a little while or leave the room for a bathroom or snack break. But if they’re interested in the show, they’ll eventually return to the original channel.

This isn’t how online videos work. If the viewer loses interest in your marketing video, he or she will simply move onto to something else. And this “something else” could be completely unrelated to your brand.

So you need to engage your viewer right away. Start with an image of a woman with absolutely ridiculous bed-head. Or start with a guy screwing up an oil change and spraying oil all over his garage. You only have about fifteen seconds to grab your viewer’s attention. There’s simply too much competition out there, and viewers won’t give you a second chance.

You Can Do It!

Don’t worry if that all sounds daunting. These tips aren’t meant to be a checklist where your video will fail if you don’t do everything correctly. Instead, think of these tips are helpful guidelines. The more you can include, the greater your chances of success will be. With a little bit of practice, your marketing video could be the next viral sensation.

August 20, 2015

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