Retargeting with Facebook Video

The First Step In Your Marketing Funnel

My whole career I’ve been telling business owners and marketers that video views are just that views. They’re not valuable nor a reflection of how effective your marketing campaign is. At least that’s how it was before Facebook Video.


Recently Facebook changed their advertising platform so you can now retarget any Facebook users who watch your video with an ad. Yes, Facebook does have a robust ad platform that lets you target specific demographics, but this retargeting amplifies this 10x! Let’s break it down in an example.


John runs a dentist’s office in Philadelphia, PA. His demographic is 30-40 years old with an income of $75,000-$150,000. His newest product is whitening strips that he wants to promote. He turns to Facebook and makes a cool video about the strips with the help of Chocolate Bar Studios, shameless plug 😉 This video doesn’t say buy now or prompts the buyer to do anything immediately. The video is meant to inform, entertain and make the audience aware of their problem – brown teeth.


He spends $50 on promoting the video on Facebook receiving views at $0.03 a click. Bringing him to 1666 views, not bad right?


Here comes the exciting retargeting part. 


facebook video metrics

Screenshot of one of our Facebook Video Ad Stats


We can assume the 1666 people who watched the video are somewhat interested in the product, right? Instead of running ads to everyone in that demographic he will only run ads to the 1666 people who watched the video because these are warm leads who are already exposed to your brand, your message and the product you’re looking to sell. Doing this will increase your conversion rate and reduce your advertising costs.


I know, I know you’re thinking but aren’t you just running two ads now and spending more money? No. Facebook has a high preference on video ads over traditional ads. This means you can reach more people with a video ad then you can come with traditional ads. By using the video ad first, you funnel your audience from 100,000 to 1,666 by running a $50 video ad. It’s looking better and better right?


Well, you can even get more refined! When retargeting your audience, you can decide what kind of viewers you want to target – Those who watched 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. The array of options gives you an ability to present different ads to different viewers.


This is a very new feature to Facebook that is changing the way online marketing is done. Expect to see more videos in the coming months. Whether you decide to make the jump is up to you. Are you ready to increase your lead generation with video?