Robert Half Staffing sought out a way to connect with it’s thousands of employees and inform them of their new operating procedures without putting them to sleep.

Being responsible for hundreds of employees all over the globe can be challenging. Robert Half Staffing often dealt with this exact problem. They sought to find a better means of connection with their employees, and enforce their professional code of conduct without subjecting their employees to 40 page reports filled with legal jargon. The growth and accessibility of social media and smartphones was allowing the employees of Robert Half Staffing to more easily get distracted from important business at hand.

In order to effectively achieve this goal, Robert Half Staffing turned to online video. Online video is a forward-thinking and affordable way to distribute business messages quickly and effectively, with the ability to measure results. The video Chocolate Bar Studios created for Robert Half Staffing was meant to tackle a specific problem in the office. Chocolate Bar Studios created a video that provided insight into the solution that was playful, fun and memorable.

In order to tackle the issue of social media use in the workplace, Robert Half Staffing invested in Chocolate Bar Studio’s concept of bringing Facebook to life in our 30 second video. The video was produced to function as an internal training tool when training new staff. The portability of online video makes this video a great resource for Robert Half Staffing, which they can use repeatedly, increasing their ROI.

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