November 10, 2015

The Best YouTube Advice You’re not Taking

With over 1 billion users, approximately one-third of the Internet, Youtube is an important part of every video marketing strategy. You probably have a few videos on the site that aren’t generating the views you were hoping for. Before you pull out the ‘Jump to Conclusions Mat’ let’s make sure you’re following the best advice out there.


Promote your videos.

Not promoting your video on Youtube is like throwing a needle in a haysack and expecting your viewer to find it. Give your video a running start before you give up on it. Post your video on social media pages, ask friends/co-workers to post it as well. You’ll be surprised what people will do if you ask.


Custom Thumbnail

A viewer does a search and up comes a list of videos. They now have a series of video thumbnails in front of them. Each one offering a split second view of their video options and you best believe if yours doesn’t look the best then you will be losing out on a lot of clicks. Spend the extra time to create a custom thumbnail or choose one that accurately depicts your video during the upload process.


Call to Action

If the viewer loves your content you need to provide them with clear and easy instructions for how to receive more content or purchase your product. This can be as easy as inserting a link in the description of the video or asking them to subscribe. Try adding a personal monologue to camera at the end of your video asking viewers to subscribe and comment if they enjoyed the video. Add a subscription box pop up for brownie points.


Short Intros

It’s tempting to insert the awesome 30-second intro your co-worker made but does it provide additional value to the viewer? If not then scrap it! The viewer is watching your video because they’re interested in the value you’re providing whether it be information or entertainment. Adding fluff in between the viewer and the value will only increase your bounce rate.


Title & Description

Google will search your video’s title and description when performing searches. Your title and description should be SEO ready as well as providing an accurate description of your video. Long-tailed keywords are a great way to score some nice views on your video.

An example of a long tail keyword would be “Kettlebell workouts for woman over 40” as opposed to a short keyword “Kettlebell workouts”


Optimize Your Channel

Youtube gives you your own personal channel to host all your videos. Make good use of this as it’s your brand’s home base. Don’t upload them to your personal account called “LazyLarry74” it should always be under your brand’s name unless you’re building a personal brand. Include all the necessary descriptions, logos and contact info for your viewers. Skipping out on these steps will diminish your brand’s reputation and subscribers.


Engage with Users

When viewers comment on your videos you should reply! These are people who enjoyed your video so much that they wanted to leave you a message. Ignoring these comments is no different than ignoring a potential customer in your store.


Youtube is a powerful search engine that generates billions of views a day. By optimizing your videos, you’ll increase your chances of gaining more views and more customers.


If you’d like to learn more about video marketing schedule a time to talk with one of our video experts.

November 10, 2015

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