November 8, 2017

Traditional Advertising Vs Video Production

Video Production is the new hype of Content Marketing. It can be said that with having customers coming in great numbers to a website, video marketing can surely get your word to your target audiences.

Traditional marketing is being suffocated day-by-day by new methods of this age. Normally and majorly based on the internet, the marketing strategies that are used by the business owners like that of Business Video tactic, traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, TV, and radio are finding it hard to coup with the pace.

More than any other online marketing method, the video marketing would be the dominator in future. This makes no less than a headache for the writers who create online written content.

This can be emphasized by the report of HubSpot which states that:

  • 43% of all the people prefer watching video content,
  • 9% of the marketers are terming video marketing the best return on investment tool,

And according to Inc.

  • The landing page can experience lesser rebound rates if a video is included in it.
  • YouTube says that the videos watched on the mobile increases by 100% every year.
  • James McQuivery of the Forrester says that one minute of video approximately equals 1.8 million words.

If these statistics are still not enough to convince you, then look for more here and here.

But why is traditional marketing getting blind eyes and deaf ears?

1) Because it is not for everyone

If you are in Philadelphia and you are a small business owner, then you must know that the traditional methods of marketing are not for you.


Because they are costly as compared to Video Production.

2) It’s not fluid

For example, if you have your ad published in a newspaper, and for some reason, you want to change it, you can’t. Because that ad would already have been published in the day’s publication and all of that batch cannot be returned from the stores just for your ad. See?

3) It’s not good in providing insights

Once your ad gets published or broadcasted, you have little room provided in knowing who saw it and who read it.


Because the demographics these traditional sources provide are before the ad is published. After that, it’s all oblivion.

4) Costly, that’s why shorter

As already stated, Video Production of your Business Video can be more effective. The traditional ways of marketing allow less space for information because of the cost. Business owners cannot afford the hefty amounts asked for the printing or broadcasting of larger content.

After all, there are other adverts also that they need to run, sometimes the cost is not the only barrier.

Alright, enough bashing the traditional ways.

Now let’s see what fruits does Video Production bring for your business if you are in Philadelphia or around the world.

1) People can remember you better

As you might have known that the videos have the highest retain percentage than any other content format. Human mind remembers visuals better.

If your written content cannot make someone remember your brand, your Business Video will, because of our brain processes videos faster than text at the rate of 60,000 times.

2) More customer engagement

Let’s face it. We all crave for good humor.

Video Production is a tool where you can engage customers better than anything else. People are easily allured if your video is off the beat and social.

According to Inc., 64% of conversion is received on putting a Business Video in one of your blogs or more suitably on the landing page.

3) Getting message across

Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and all the social networks allow free uploads of the video, and you might have guessed now what that means.

This means getting your message across easily and well, free!

As we said before, if your video content is humorous like this one or thoughtful like this one, it is always going to garner millions of views in no time from nearly every country.

You can then increase your business spear outside Philadelphia after getting that fame!

4) It lets you recycle

Recycling is good, right? If your Business Video is featuring who you are and what have you done so far, then it can be the best way of recycling the old content.

People wouldn’t have to read the old stuff, instead, through your video, they would get a new feeling so eagerly wanted. This would give you ample time in resetting what has to be reset and update what is old.

It’s like letting the door-keeper answer the door while you have a look at yourself one last time in the mirror.

5) Video Production gets you higher in the rank

The ranking is the only thing we would want from a search engine. Because ranking is what drives millions of people out there to your website. It can be termed the best SEO hack you can achieve. Google loves the simplicity and – videos!

6) It gives you a honey-pot full of ROI

If we look at the statistics gathered by Inc. 73% of the marketing done by the owners and back to back organizations is fruitful in providing brilliant ROI.

So, with a brilliant video campaign, you can always get a higher number of customers and of course higher returns on your investment.

7) You can keep a video for ages

Yes, you can! A video doesn’t have any expiry date. Even, if your video is old, if it is engaging, it can still be fun to watch.

While traditional methods are only paying and play, a video is a play and play again.

After reading all the point provided in this article, you must have now grasped how Video Marketing is going to help your business grow. If you are looking for a professional Video Production service to produce the one in a million kind of a Business Video for you in Philadelphia or New Jersey, then Chocolate Bar Studios is your tight and right destination.

November 8, 2017