August 13, 2015

Video Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Brace Yourself for These Video Marketing Knowledge Bombs

Done correctly, marketing videos create a powerful emotional impact. This can result in an intense connection between your customers and your brand. But marketing is about more than just creating emotions. Marketing is also a science – and that means facts and figures.

Here are some cold, hard facts about the numbers behind video marketing. But your emotions are going to be involved, too – because these stats will blow your mind. Let’s take a look:

1.8 Million Words

This blog post is about 650 words. So 1.8 million words is a lot of content, to put it mildly. According to Dr. James McQuivey, a leading marketing expert, 1.8 million printed words has roughly the same value as just one minute of video.

This doesn’t mean an effective video is one with a blabbermouth trying to talk as fast as possible. Instead, it means the images, sounds and totality of a one minute video would take about 1.8 million words to describe.

From a purely practical viewpoint, a video is the most cost-effective way to express a complicated idea in the shortest amount of time.


…of all internet users view at least one video per month. That’s according to comScore, a leading internet research company. The average internet surfer at least partially watches 32.2 videos each month. Sure, a lot of those video are for entertainment purposes only. But the big takeaway here is that almost half of all internet users are regularly in a space where videos are readily available.

Internet users are willing to watch videos on practically any topic. If you’re not creating your own marketing videos, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market.

Emails and Videos

People don’t just seek out videos. They’re also receptive to videos sent to them in an email. Marketing company Implix conducted a survey which found that if an introductory email contained a video, the click-through rate increased by 96%.

For businesses, the response rate was even better. Forrester Marketing found that the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300% when a video was included in an introductory email. Marketing and explainer videos were the most effective.

Plus, a Forbes Insight survey revealed that 59% of executives preferred to watch a video instead of read text. About half of those who do watch a video then go forward and look for more information on the topic. Forty-five percent of executives who watched a video later contacted a vendor and 50% made a purchase

The bottom line is if you’re sending out introductory emails to individuals, you want to include a video. If you’re sending out introductory emails to businesses, you really want to include a video. And if you’re trying to influence a CEO directly, you really, really want to include a video.

10 Seconds

Video marketing experts Visible Measures found that about 20% of viewers will close a video after just 10 seconds. A third of all viewers won’t watch past 30 seconds. By one minute, most videos have lost 45% of viewers. By two minutes viewership has declined a whopping 60%.

To clarify, those stats apply to videos of any length. Twenty percent of viewers close a video after 10 seconds – it makes no difference if the video is 15 seconds long or 15 minutes long.

So if you can create a video which holds a viewer’s attention for at least the first 15 seconds, the video itself can be quite a bit longer. This is good news for “explainer” or “How to” videos.

Still, shorter videos are shared more often. According to the Jun Group, videos shorter than 15 seconds are shared 37% more than 30 second and one minute videos.


Videos are an important component of any successful marketing campaign. They increase purchases, help build brand identity and engage with viewers effectively. The numbers don’t lie. Videos are a marketing tool you can count on.


August 13, 2015

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