September 8, 2015

Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Using Video Marketing to Dominate Your Real Estate Market


Selling real estate can be an absolutely brutal game to be in at times. Competition is always high and being able to market your properties, as well as yourself, is often just as important as being able to close a sale. In fact, you won’t be closing many sales at all without handling your marketing in an effective manner first.

Over the past few years, video marketing for real estate agents and agencies has shown a rapid rise in application. There’s good reason for this – it works, very well in fact. Video marketing simply allows you to achieve a level of intimate familiarity between the prospective buyer, the property itself and surrounding community that is impossible to reach with other forms of media.

Properly implemented video content can quickly resuscitate a withering sales and marketing funnel, passively generating leads while your agents focus on their forward-facing responsibilities. In fact, you can structure a large portion of your funnel around video content alone. More and more realtors are moving towards this model each year due to its proven effectiveness.

When it comes to real estate, video can be used to pre-qualify leads, move your current leads to a later stage in the house buying cycle, or even reconnect with former customers. It’s also not difficult to get noticed, if you know what you’re doing.

Your Real Estate Video Marketing Template

There is a very simple structure to the orientation and placement of various pieces of video content that is almost universally employed by agencies and agents who have taken the plunge into video marketing.

While it may be very simple, it’s also remarkably effective – because it matches with the home buying cycle almost perfectly, and with a level of richness that other media cannot achieve.

The general structure of this funnel typically looks something like this:


Community Videos → Listing Videos → Showings → Reengagement/Retargeting


The Community Video

The tacit purpose of these videos is to display the community surrounding your properties in a positive light while also positioning yourself as an expert on the area. There’s nothing quite like actually seeing the area in real-time, backed by the authority of a knowledgeable narrator.

If you can establish your agency as the “go-to” guys for any number of geographic regions, you could be bringing in leads by the fistful in very little time at all. Properly optimizing your Youtube channel and pages by doing things such as using keyword-rich descriptions (ie: “Shady Maple Pennsylvania Neighborhood Tour”) will help you capture the eyeballs and attention of the people currently searching for information on these neighborhoods.

Did you know that 86% of home shoppers have admitted to accessing video content in order to find out more information about a specific community?

That’s a boatload of leads you’re missing out on if you don’t have well-produced community videos on a properly optimized Youtube account, or your own website. Integrating a strong and direct call-to-action at the end of your community videos is essential to driving these leads towards the next stage of your funnel, the listing videos.


The Listing Video

Listing videos are videos that cover a specific property, or even a sub-unit within a property. These videos are how you push the prospective homebuyer from “researching” to “viewing”. They are key to maintaining a full calendar of showings, ones involving highly interested and qualified buyers.

With that purpose in mind, it’s imperative that the focus of these videos be on the perspective of these leads. What do they want to know about a propertybefore coming to see it? Essentially, use your video to sell them the property as if you were the one living in it.

Never forget to emphasize the benefits of living in this building, unit or community over the explicit features of the property.  Not that the features aren’t

important, but they hold greater significance once you’ve piqued the interest of the lead by highlighting the benefits to them.

There are huge opportunities to get creative with your listing videos and if this is handled correctly they can be some of the most effective marketing materials in your entire portfolio.

For example, what if you were to tell a story about your condo building as opposed to just walking through a unit? Imagine it could go something like this:


Mark, the young attorney, running from the firm to the gym and then leaving the gym just in time to pick up some takeout as the city lights begin to flicker to life. He takes a stroll through the gorgeous interior lobby of the building, greeting your doorman as he passes. He then rides the elevator up to his unit before quickly washing up. The video then cuts to Mark opening the door to his date for the weekend as he leads her out onto his balcony to share a bottle of wine in front of a spectacular view of the city, slowly the video fades to a close including your call to action, “Does This Look Like the Life You Imagined? – Call Us At XXX-XXX-XXXX”.


Not only do these types of listing videos work very well if produced properly, you can show off the entire property without losing the engagement of the viewer for even a second.


The Showing

This bit is largely on your agents and not as reliant on any kind of video content, but I’m sure you already realized this. The video brings leads through that are highly interested in what you have on offer; it’s simply up to your agents to close these sales.

There are also some alternate types of videos which real estate agents and agencies can incorporate into their marketing funnel or website, generally with the goal of increasing the strength of your branding or providing social proof for leads which need a bit more convincing that you are the right broker for them.


Other Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

Agent Profile Videos

The primary purpose of agent profile videos for real estate marketing is to create a bit of branding for your agents, allowing your prospects to feel as if they“know” them before ever meeting with, or even speaking to them.

Keep the focus client-centric by highlighting the unique skills of your agents, or their unique service style and how this benefits their clients. Make note of an excellent track record or any accolades/achievements, but do not dwell on these. Focus on addressing the concerns of a client when they are looking at hiring a real estate agent or buying a property – how do your agents fix these issues?

Let the individual personality of your agents shine through in these videos, the last thing you want is an “About Me” page on film. Reinforce to your prospects that they will be dealing with another human, someone that they can hopefully identify with or see the benefits of working with.


Client Testimonial Videos

Social proof is a tried and true method for convincing leads which may otherwise not have converted, to convert. There are few forms of social proof which are stronger than a video of a past or present client singing their praises about your business and more importantly, what it has done for them.

Benefits, people – market the benefits.

You want your leads to come way from these testimonial videos thinking about how you could benefit them.

So now you’ve got all these ideas for expert community overviews, killer listing videos and some streamlined retargeting – but where do all these videos go? Well, Youtube isn’t a bad place to start.


The Significance of Youtube for Real Estate Video Marketing

While you will always want to incorporate your video content into your own website, the significance of Youtube in regards to being found in the first place is very difficult to overstate.  It is the largest video hosting website in the world and one of the most trafficked pages on the entire Internet, after all.

The stats really do speak for themselves: 

  • 73% of home buyers say that internet videos influence a range of decisions made in the home buying process, including which brokerage or realtors to choose
  • Only 12% of real estate professionals have a Youtube account (so much opportunity still out there!)
  • 16% of home shoppers will view real estate-related video content from a mobile device – make sure your videos format and display well on various mobile devices and are engaging enough to pull the viewer away from whatever else it is they may be doing and into your funnel
  • Video content has a 43% higher click through rate than other forms of media
  • The most common types of home buyer searches (86% ANY GIVEN HOME BUYER is searching this) on Youtube are focused on learning more about a community
  • The second most common type of home buyer search (70% chance any given home buyer is searching this) on Youtube involves a tour of the inside of a property
  • Youtube is more commonly used to find video content information about communities and properties than brokerage websites are – home buying related searches on Youtube have more than doubled in the past two years


Transform Your Business with Real Estate Video Marketing

I hope that at this point you’re simply asking yourself, “Why aren’t we incorporating more video into our real estate marketing funnel?”

If handled and structured correctly, video allows you to display property in ways that you just cannot with other forms of media. You can personally show off your knowledge of the community, tell a story about the lifestyle your tenants live, engage with prospects emotionally…

There’s just simply too much potential when it comes to video marketing for real estate agencies to pass it up if you’re serious about growing your business. Find the right production house and get started on building that funnel right now, you won’t be disappointed.

September 8, 2015

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