May 31, 2016

Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Where Will Online Video Be 1 Year From Now?

Planning your company’s video strategy requires some forethought. Being able to predict the video marketing trends for 2017 when producing video will increase your video’s engagement, and have a longer shelf life. These techniques are a little different than your standard marketing video, but if you want a standard video, you’ll be looking at standard results. We want an amazing video with even better results, so let’s hop in the DeLorean crank it to 88mph and check out what’s coming next year.


Virtual Reality/Google Cardboard

When Google is investing time and money into Virtual Reality you know it’s something your business should consider. Last year Google launched the Google Cardboard. A virtual reality headset that is made of cardboard and uses your phone as the screen.


It’s easy to dismiss this cardboard contraption as a toy, but you really should be seeing potential. The headset allows for 360-degree video to transport your audience to anywhere on the planet. African safaris, scuba diving, or premiering your next big event virtual reality is a great way to bring your audience to the event.



With so few virtual reality videos on social media, it’s easy for your video to stand out. It’s hard not to click around in the 360-degree world and check out what’s going on. When implementing this strategy it’s important to be creative. Try new things. Hide Easter eggs in the backgrounds of your video. With 360 degrees of space, you have infinite possibilities of what your audience can watch.


Relevant Video Content

Social media platforms are becoming more advanced when it comes to advertising techniques. With retargeting pixels, it’s never been easier to deliver relevant content to your audience. To stand out in the coming year, you need to build up your custom audiences and make sure that your content is relevant to your specific viewers. If you’re sending prospects videos that don’t concern them, you’ll earn yourself an “Unsubscribe” in no time at all.


To incorporate this into your business, you’ll need to use some marketing triggers combined with social media. It does get techy and advanced quickly, but when done it can prove bountiful.



It’s no longer good enough just to deliver information to your audience they expect to be entertained and informed. It puts more pressure on your video team but also gives you the opportunity to have fun. An excellent example of this is Huffington Post. They post very engagingly and information videos on their social media feeds. Through creative copywriting and dripping the information out slowly throughout the video they keep the audience engaged until the end.

Incorporating this in your business will require some planning and creativity. Think about what aspects of your business interest your clients. Do they enjoy seeing behind the scenes? Success stories? Try out different techniques and record your results. Over time, you’ll learn what content performs better than others.


No one truly can predict the future, but these three video styles will give you a head start on the competition when it comes to video marketing in 2017. When trying these video techniques or any new video technique, it’s important to measure your results and try out different variations. With a few tweaks you can turn an OK video into an amazing video.


What video styles do you want to implement in 2017? I’d love to hear what fun stuff you got in store.

May 31, 2016