September 21, 2015

Video Marketing: What No One Is Talking About (Until Now!)

What Really Goes into a Video Marketing Production?


Video Marketing is often shrouded in mystery. You see the final product, but not the hard work that goes into making a video a success. Marketing Videos that have gone ‘viral’ are strategically planned and, often, are recognized less as Marketing Campaigns and more as popular Internet culture. The Dollar Shave Club, Doritos, and Old Spice commercials are prominent examples of these highly successful Video Marketing Campaigns, even though they manage to disguise themselves as pure entertainment. In order to best create a video that will act as a Marketing Campaign, you need to first understand the behind-the-scenes.

1) Investment Pieces


Before you can begin the marketing process, you need to do the most obvious step: make a video. If you are a small business, creating a professional quality video is frequently the most expensive part of the process. Those who are deterred by this high initial cost fail to understand the long term value and high ROI that a video marketing campaign. Your initial investment is just that, an investment for the future.


2) Have Fun


Let’s face it; powerpoint and HR presentations are usually mundane and lethargic. Video is a chance to break out of the ‘corporate norm’ to create something enticing and exciting. By creating a video that is intriguing, your company stands out against traditional marketing messages and better captures your audience’s attention. Your employees will be far more likely to share and promote video content that is entertaining and sensational.


3) It’s a Process


Don’t run and grab your Dad’s camcorder just yet. Before filming, it is imperative that you work with a Video Marketing Producer to establish clear goals for your video campaign. By setting goals, budget restrictions, and means of delivery, you keep your video on the fast track to success.


4) Early Bird gets the Views


Don’t wait to start making video. If you are unsure of how to begin, consider contacting a Video Marketing Producer. Video Marketing Producers are skilled professionals that are trained to work with you, guiding you through the video process. It is their job to help you decide what kind of video best fits your brand and delivers your message.

Video Marketing is a new process. You may be unfamiliar with it, but this is no reason to shy away. Taking risks and exploiting these new digital age opportunities are the key to becoming a forerunner in the modern business spectrum.

If you would like to discuss how video can help your brand, we offer complimentary 15 minute video consultations to all of our blog readers.


September 21, 2015

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