September 1, 2015

Why Aren’t People Sharing My Video Content?

Why Aren’t People Sharing My Stuff?

So you’ve got your freshly produced video ready to go, it’s funny, engaging, and concise. You put it up on your Youtube channel, you put it up on your website – but the views counter is quickly becoming your own persona, digital version of watching grass grow. Why isn’t your video getting any love?

Crafting high quality content is only one part of the battle. Simply “putting it out there” is almost never going to work out well for you. You need a strategy, guidelines which you can work in.

Like anything else, there are always going to be specific facets to your own approach that may amplify your results – but the following tips have been proven to work time and time again.

Know Your Audience

Sometimes it can be far too easy to end up producing a video for yourself and not for the people who you’re actually going to be showing it to. You should never ask yourself if you like a certain aspect of the video but should always be asking if your audience is going to like it.

You wouldn’t try to sell DVD copies of Friday Night Lights at Comic-Con.

Before a single scene is shot, or even scripted, make sure beyond any shadow of a doubt that you know what kind of messaging your audience responds to. This should be the framework around which you build the rest of your production.

You want your audience to watch your production and think the entire time that is was made just for them.


Pick the Right Title (and Thumbnail)

Just like with any content, the key to getting a viewer interested is to grab their attention immediately. This is where you put your audience knowledge to use. Do they respond better to straightforward titles, emotional appeal, or click-bait headlines?

Don’t forget about the display thumbnail for Youtube or any other video players as well! Pick a part of your video that has an undeniable visual appeal – more than anything this will make viewers stop mid-scroll to check out what they just saw.


Find the Influencers in Your Space and Connect With Them

Who are the big dogs on social media in your niche? Why aren’t you already cozying up to them? The additional boost that can be given to your video by catching the eye of an “influencer” in your space cannot be understated.

By definition these folks have a large and dedicated social following, making them the perfect amplifier for your message.

While you can always take the “post and pray” approach of sharing your content with these folks even if you don’t know them, it’s always much easier to get shares from folks who actually know who you are and have a relationship of some sort with you. So get out there and spend some time making new friends, it could prove immeasurably beneficial for you.


Track Your Reach

Don’t forget to stay on top of your video content after it’s been released. Track the reach you’ve achieved and where any shares, reposts, or other reach-amplifying boosts are coming from. Knowing exactly whom your message has resonated with can help you assess the accuracy of your message relative to your audience or even show you new niches and sources of traffic that you didn’t even know previously existed.

The only way you can improve your message in the future is to know for certain how it has performed in the past, and why. Never stop tracking and measuring your results – otherwise you’re just throwing things at a wall to see what sticks.

These are just a few tips amongst many that can be used to promote your content within your specific niche, but they are nearly universally applicable. Different things might work for different audiences and across different platforms, but following these simple tips is one of the best ways to immediately increase the reach of your video content.

September 1, 2015

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