August 27, 2015

Why is Web Video So Important?

If You’re Not Online, Where Are You?

How many videos are online? You might as well ask how many stars are in the sky or how many grains of sand there are on the beach. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. And there’s no reason to believe that number will go anywhere but up.

At times, it may feel that making videos for your marketing efforts is a pointless activity. After all, won’t your video be nothing more than a drop in the “video ocean” which already exists? Actually, no. If you make your video for the right reasons, you can add significant value to your brand, website and overall marketing efforts.

Video invokes feelings in a way text cannot. There are a few common emotions web video is used to create. When you understand why video is important, you’ll understand how to use video effectively. Here are the top five things to know about web video:

  1. Builds Trust When Featuring Experts

People respond to experts. When you have a video with experts discussing your product or service, viewers are going to trust what they have to say. Scientific or industry experts are a great way to enhance the legitimacy of your product or service.

Another type of expert is the president of your company. When the CEO or someone similar directly addresses your customers, it sends a clear message that your organization is staffed by real people. A written message from a CEO can be somewhat effective, but it’s usually nothing compared to a video of the same CEO.

  1. Confidence with Testimonials

Written testimonials are pretty common. These can be somewhat effective, especially if they include a full name, location and a photograph. However, video testimonials are even more effective. People generally assume that anyone appearing in a video testimonial is trustworthy and honest.

Ideally, you want real customers who genuinely have good experiences with your business. The power of video testimonials is so strong, however, that even actors can create a powerful effect. This is often a good option if your business is brand new but you still want to put testimonials on your page.

  1. Curiosity Amongst Viewers

Looking to add subscribers, create buzz or otherwise get the name of your brand out there? Everyone loves a mystery. Try creating short videos which end in a teaser or call-to-action link.

Some useful examples include multi-part videos with tips related to your industry. How to Get Healthy Hair. How to Change Your Oil. By breaking the videos up into numerous segments you can stretch the information out. The more videos a potential customers watches, the more likely they are to trust your business.

Be sure and annotate each video with contact information so you can (hopefully) develop a new lead. Adding text to your video is a simple process and can produce great results.

  1. Comedy for Everyone

Videos are the most common type of viral media on the web. Short, popular videos are easy to share on social media. Sometimes popular videos can even make their way onto television. While there’s no sure-fire way to create a popular viral video, there is one element which greatly improves your chances: humor.

When crafting your humorous video, you want to make sure the humor is appropriate for your brand. Don’t go too risqué with your comedy. The negatives of bad publicity can far outweigh the positives of a funny viral video. Done correctly, however, and you can reap publicity which money simply can’t buy.

Lights! Camera! Action!

So don’t be afraid to incorporate videos into your web marketing. One word of warning, however: People generally dislike auto-play videos. But as long as you create videos with compelling content, users will gladly seek them out. In turn, you’ll gain valuable brand loyalty, product awareness and useful, actionable leads.

August 27, 2015

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