September 3, 2015

Why You Need a Homepage Video

The Benefits of a Homepage Video

When potential customers are visiting your website for the first time, do you want them to feel welcomed and take the time to introduce yourself, or would you rather them feel lost and confused as they try to make sense of your homepage?

Having a well produced explainer video on your website homepage is the digital analogue to having a warm fire crackling and a drink ready for your guest as you invite them into your office. It makes new visitors feel at home in a way that is very difficult to achieve otherwise. 

No more losing users because they got lost while trying to navigate your homepage, no more rising bounce rates because users aren’t sure what your website is about, no more lost sales. 

Welcome to ours, and your own guide to why any reputable business must consider placing an explainer video on the homepage of their website. Today we have some profound case studies to discuss and dive into.

If you wouldn’t mind, throw a few more logs on the fire – we’re going to be here for a little bit.

VidYard Increases Conversion Rate By 100% With One Animated Explainer Video

At the time, VidYard was an as-of-yet released video content analytics platform. As any clever marketing team would, they devised a strategy to begin building a list of interested subscribers through an email capture form on their single-page website.

Although the product was not quite ready for release, this allowed VidYard to build a list of pre-qualified leads which they could then directly market the product to upon completion.

They were running into one issue – their page wasn’t converting very well.

Even with a powerful campaign driving leads to the page from multiple highly targeted traffic sources, VidYard was unable to break 6.5% on their conversion rate of visitors to email signups. While 6.5% isn’t terrible, it isn’t great either.

It makes sense when you think about it a bit, though. There’s no easy way to explain a robust digital media and video analytics platform on a single-page website. Any attempt to do so would either leave so much information out that it confused the reader, or would turn their elegantly designed page into a digital long form sales letter.

So what was their solution? A short explainer video, right in the center of their homepage.


homepage explainer videos


The result? A jump in conversion rates to an average of 13% over their testing period, a doubling of their previous conversion rate.

This simple video immediately cleared up any confusion over what the VidYard platform was going to be like – without sacrificing any aspect of their landing page design. It also formatted beautifully on multiple platforms and browsers.

It’s important to keep in mind that in today’s world many potential customers may view your website through some kind of mobile device as opposed to a computer. You must make sure that this content is equally accessible across this variety of platforms, or you may otherwise be losing potential conversions and sales.

The big lesson from this case study is that if you have a product which cannot be easily explained, an explainer video may be the best possible solution for you. After all, a minute of video is worth 1.8 MILLION words.


Buy Real Twitter Followers Increases Sales By 216% With Animated Introductory Video

Due to a relatively poorly designed home page, Buy Real Twitter Followers was regularly losing red-hot leads as they came into the website. Folks who they had spent many hours of time and large sums of money to bring in simply weren’t purchasing their product because they got lost amongst the jungle of text which composed the majority of the page at the time:

As their heat mapping would show, viewers were quite literally skipping over the wall of text presented to them and then leaving the page. It’s fairly difficult to explain your product to someone through text that they simply aren’t willing to read.

The solution? A simple introductory video with a strong call to action in the still-frame after the page loaded, placed on the exact same landing page as before:

homepage explainer videos

The result – a reported 216% increase in month-to-month sales for Buy Real Twitter Followers. Take note here that they changed nothing about their landing page design other than adding a short explainer video to the page.

Buy Real Twitter Followers had forgotten a cardinal rule of product marketing – people will not purchase a product they do not understand. The former version of the landing page did very, very little to explain to the consumer what they were actually purchasing. Video solves this problem to a degree that no other form of media can compete with.

This simple change to their page (along with the rest of these case studies) highlights the importance of split testing the home page of your website. It’s the very first impression you will make on most of your visitors, so it has to count.

How can you know if you’re maximizing your potential lead generation if you aren’t experimenting and then comparing results? Buy Real Twitter Followers decided to experiment by adding a video and testing it against the text-only version of their page. 

To say video won that battle would be akin to saying that Texas is “kind of” a big place.


Crazy Egg Converts 64% Higher With Animated Video Than With Text

If you haven’t already heard of Crazy Egg, they’re a company which specializes in selling a heat mapping product which allows you to see where users are clicking the most on various pages of your sight. As you can imagine, these folks are very focused upon conversion rate optimization.

Naturally, they split tested their homepage to an absolutely epic degree during the initial overhaul of their website a few years ago. Part of this test was a trial of an existing piece of copywriting which explained the Crazy Egg product up against a professionally produced explainer video using almost identical copy.

The video increased their conversion rates on this section of the page by 64% over the following months.

By turning to a professional studio Crazy Egg ensured that the animated explainer video on their website homepage was going to be of the highest quality, and boy it sure is. In fact, it’s still regularly used as an example of what a great animated explainer video should look, sound and feel like:


By enlisting the service of a professional studio there were never going to be issues with ensuring that the script, visual and audio elements of the video would align seamlessly. By grabbing the attention of their audience with such a well produce explainer video on their homepage Crazy Egg were not only able to explain their product better than ever before, they were able to entertain their audience at the same time.


InDinero Nearly Doubles Homepage Conversion Rate By Adding a One-Minute Animated Video

Like many emerging businesses today, InDinero was a fully digital platform upon launch. It was a concept born from the brilliant young mind of Jessica Mah. InDinero would function as an online financial dashboard for businesses.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Any service or product which attempts to solve a complex problem, or set of problems, very rarely can be explained in a simple manner and through text alone. 

Over the next two months InDinero would begin testing this version of their website homepage with no video:

homepage explainer videos

Against this version of their website with an animated explainer video on the homepage:

homepage explainer video

The difference between the two versions of their homepage couldn’t be more stark. With the explainer video version incorporating no text at all outside of the email signup form.

So, did the explainer video do a better job of explaining the InDinero platform than the standard landing page did? You bet.

The conversion rate for the standard landing page: 6.8%

The conversion rate for the version with an explainer video on the homepage: 11.2%

Explainer videos can be used in any vertical, even dry or serious ones such as finance. Presenting your product as quickly and effectively as possible is applicable to any industry or vertical. Clearly the businesspeople landing on the InDinero site thought nothing but good things about this video from a professional perspective.

To put the numbers into perspective, for a company making 100K a year before introducing the landing page with video and no text, the increase in conversion rate alone would pay off the cost of such a strong explainer video, around 10K, in less than two-thirds of an average month.






As you can see from the case studies presented above, placing an explainer video on your website homepage can have a profound impact on the performance on your business.

Before the fire turns to smoldering coals and our drinks become too watered down to sip any long, let’s take a quick look at some of the big reasons these homepage explainer videos were so successful:

  • They made it possible to explain complex topics in mere seconds, as opposed to thousands of written words
  • They were professionally produced and represented their brands very well. Never forget that poorly produced explainer videos will hurt your business and brand
  • They contributed to, as opposed to detracting from the other elements of these pages which were designed to drive leads towards converting on the page
  • They were part of extensive A/B testing processes which concretely proved the success of the explainer video versions of the website homepages

Don’t worry, I’ll tend to the fire now. I can see that while the proverbial fireplace in our digital office has begun to smolder, your own personal flame for enhancing the converting power of your own website has just begun to erupt.

September 3, 2015

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