April 25, 2016

How to Win Big with Video Marketing

Video Marketing Tips to Success

“It’s good to win at roulette but it’s better to own the casino” is a proverb that my father always told me. Luck will only get you so far when it comes to gambling or in Video Marketing. If you’re spending your days spinning the roulette wheel of video marketing hoping for it to land on viral video then you up for a rude awakening. It’s easy to pass off a viral video as random luck but those are often well-calculated videos designed to capture the Internet. To increase your odds and start generating real money off your video marketing investment you need to know what it takes to win big in Video Marketing.

Be Consistent

You turn on your television in the morning because you know that every day at 6am the news is on TV. You may not always be watching but you know it’s there and when you want that content it’s readily available for you. Your video marketing should operate on a similar scale. I’m not recommending you start a news show on tv but start producing videos on a consistent basis. If your videos are produced sporadically with no rhyme or reason then why would you expect viewers to return if there’s no guarantee of new content? By producing content on a consistent basis it gives the viewer a reason to come back. They know your new video comes out every Friday at 11am and they want to know what you’re up to.


Provide Value

We go to the movies because they entertain us and we watch how-to videos because we want to learn something new. Your videos should always provide your viewer with some sort of value whether it’s entertainment or information. When producing videos you should be thinking “Why should my customers want to watch this video?” or “What unique information does this video provide my customers?”. A video with any valuable content will fall flat like an anvil on a coyote’s head. Always consider your audience first when making a video.


Clear Call to Action

You want more sales, more registrations or want more impressions. Whatever it is you’re creating a video for a specific reason. If you want your audience to sign up for a trial then clearly state it in your video and make it an easy path to sign up. Dancing around the call to action or not making it an easy process to continue down the sales funnel your viewers will move on. Keep your call to actions clear and concise to maximize your close rate.


Be Different

Creating the same video that your competitor created will get you some residual traction but it’s not a plan for success. To truly crush it in video marketing you need to experiment and create new videos. Experimenting with your video marketing with catch your viewers off guard and keep them engaged. Think of what unique values your business offers then build a video around that. If you have great customer service take it to extreme and show a sketch of a customer service rep doing a speech at the customer’s wedding. Is it ridiculous? Yes, but it’s different and will keep your audience engaged.


To win big in video marketing you need to be committed to the viewer. Optimizing their experience and interactions with your company in every video you create. Over time, you’ll build trust and convert viewers into customers.

April 25, 2016