Xerimis integrated video into their marketing to increase lead generation and shorten their sales cycle.

Kevin Clover, the Business Development Executive of the clinical supplier Xerimis, was frustrated with the amount of time devoted to new lead generation, while still disqualifying bad leads. Their sales staff was wasting countless hours explaining their products and services; these hours could be better devoted to selling their services to potential clients that already understood Xerimis’s products. Kevin was acutely aware that this issue was decreasing their productivity.

Xerimis required a solution that would not only grow with the business, but also be suited for continual future use. After contemplating a variety of marketing options, Kevin and his team at Xerimis decided that video marketing was the optimal solution. Video marketing offered an immediate and creative solution that targeted lead generation.

Kevin knew that the video had to do a few things: describe their services in a clear manner, improve lead generation practices, and be both compatible and adaptable for continuous use.

With the marketing goals clearly in place, Chocolate Bar Studios was able to work with Kevin and the Xerimis to begin production on their first marketing video. We scheduled video interviews with the top influencers of the company, as well as shot a variety of scenes around their office. All the video footage was edited and optimized for online distribution.

Kevin was able to implement the video into Xerimis marketing. Immediately following the video’s implementation, the return on investment was apparent. The video provided cold leads an idea of who Xerimis was and what services they offered. Because the video outlined the exact capabilities of Xerimis, their sales team was able to spend more time nurturing qualified leads, increasing their overall conversion rate and sales.

Xerimis works in clinical packaging, which can be a difficult product to explain. Chocolate Bar Studios helped us create a video that explained our services to potential clients. We now use the video on a daily basis and have seen increases in lead generation because of it.

Kevin C.
Business Development Executive at Xerimis

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