June 9, 2016

Why You’re Failing at Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Your video broke 1000 views, and you thought you are now successfully using video. But you were wrong, and I’m going to tell you why.


You’re failing at video production because you’re missing out on the core concepts of what makes video an excellent option for all businesses. These five tips are necessary when it comes to using video in your business.


Getting lost in the crowd

Anyone can make a video and toss it online it’s the beauty of the internet, but it’s also the problem. Your video will be one of many competing for attention. To lock in your viewers, you need to be creative and original. Your video is a marketing tool but that doesn’t mean it can be fun or engaging, in fact, it most definitely should be fun and engaging! The more unique your video is, the better chance of attracting more eyeballs.


Unclear marketing message

It’s easy to grab your camcorder and just start filming, but you need, and I’m going to say that again, you NEED to have a clear marketing message if you want to succeed with video marketing. Without a marketing message or goal, you’re no different from the rest of the crap on Youtube. Before embarking on the video process, you should clearly define what is the purpose of each and every video in your campaign.


Poor CTA

We are marketing, so call-to-action was bound to come up eventually. When your video ends, you need to provide specific instructions of what you want your viewers to do. Whether it be signing up for your newsletter or purchasing your product you need to tell the audience what to do after your video. Make it easy as possible. If you want them to click a link, make the link readily accessible next to your video. The more steps you add, the lower your conversion rate.


Lack of distribution

Releasing a video is no different than launching a book or a new business. Your customers need to know that you created a new video. Some of our favorite ways of boosting distribution are:

  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Website Embed
  • Ask Friends, Clients, Co-workers to share the link
  • Send the video to blogs that might find it interesting


Never assume that people will just “find it.” The internet is vast, and things rarely get found unless people know what they’re looking for.


Not measuring your results

If I busted in through your wall like Kool-Aid man and asked you how your last video performed would you know what to say? Measuring your video’s analytics is integral to fine tuning your video marketing campaigns. By not tracking results, drop offs and click-through-rates you’ll never learn what your audience prefers.


Successful video production takes more than a camera and button click. It requires forethought and a plan of attack.

June 9, 2016