November 18, 2015

Youtube Uploading Checklist


Your video is done and it’s time to share it with the world. Just uploading your video and calling it quits on your video marketing is a big No No! There are lots you can do with video optimization of your Youtube video but here are few basic things to consider when uploading to Youtube.


1) Youtube Friendly Format

Make sure your video is in the Youtube optimum format: 16×9, H264, Frame rate between 24-30fps. This will help increase upload speeds and quality of your video.


2) Business Account

Don’t upload the video from your personal Youtube account. It can be hard for your business video to be taken professionally when your video is hosted on your personal account. Uploading all your videos to one location will increase viewer retention and subscribers to your Youtube account.


3) Appropriate Title

Give your videos a strong a title that describes the video and engages users. Google owns Youtube so your title is very important with your videos SEO. ReelSEO recommends your video’s title be under 70 characters.


4) Keywords

Add appropriate keywords to your video. It’s a simple task that a lot of people will overlook. Example Keywords could be: Business Name, Business Area, Geographic Location, Product you sell, etc.


5) Security Settings

You will also have an option to set security preferences on your video. There are 3 different options:

Public – Anyone can watch or find the video (Recommended)

Unlisted – Anyone with a link can watch the video. Not searchable. Great for keeping a video internal that isn’t too secretive

Private – You’re able to set which people or groups (from your Google+) are able to watch the video exclusively


6) Share your Video!

You spent all this time working on a video it’s time to share it with the world. Once you complete all the previous steps post it to social media. Ask friends and co-workers to share the video on social media as well. You could always try contacting blogs pertaining to your video to see if they would be interested in posting the video.

November 18, 2015

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