September 23, 2015

Youtube Video Production and Marketing Secrets

Can You Keep a Secret?

Youtube has not only been a driving force in the relatively recent explosion of video marketing content on the digital frontier, but it been successfully used to launch and sustain countless brands since it’s inception. By absorbing the most effective Youtube video marketing secrets they could get their hands on and then leveraging this knowledge, these businesses were able to grow in a manner that can only be described as unbelievable.

At it’s core, Youtube is the single best video hosting platform when it comes to building a brand-loyal audience through your video content. It isn’t equally applicable to every industry and niche but for those who have an audience demographic which already uses Youtube, the results can be incredible.

When it comes to online search for video content, Youtube is king. If you pick up some of the following Youtube video marketing secrets for yourself, your own business could be one of the many princes Youtube has sired.

Secret 1: Come Out Guns Blazing


One of the most crucial periods in the lifecycle of any piece of video content on Youtube is the first 24 hours. In the eyes of the Youtube search algorithm, this can be where your video becomes a raging tsunami or just another droplet of water in an ocean of video content.

Ensuring that your content gets some likes, shares and comments is essential to building the momentum of your wave as you approach the shore. The simplest and cheapest way to do this is outreach to your immediate friends and colleagues who you know will do you that one small favor.

But do you really want to be nagging your personal contacts every time you release a new video? Probably not.

So, how can you replicate this initial wave of activity before you’ve built your own loyal following on Youtube? Micro-job sites such as Amazon’s MTURK program can be a true lifesaver for folks in this type of situation. Not only can you be entirely sure that you’re sending that initial wave of social signal activity to Youtube, these will be coming from real human beings and not from easily detectable (for Youtube) bot traffic.


Secret 2: Leverage the Success of Other Videos


If you’ve spent some time on any of the more popular Youtube channels or even Facebook fan pages, you’ve likely seen this tactic at work. It’s as simple as posting your video as a response to the content you’ve found which is already experiencing success of their own.

This is a classic digital marketing tactic and is just as applicable to Youtube video marketing as it is to any other form of content.

If you truly care about your brand, just be careful about how you approach this tactic. Don’t go slapping your video in a comment on every one of the top videos on Youtube. Not only does this look amateur, the traffic you’ll be leaking from these kind of videos likely won’t be interested in what’s on your channel.

Instead, seek out other channels which produce content that is either directly or even tangentially relevant to the content you produce. Engage with the publishers in a measured and intelligent manner, using your video as a way to prop up your own points or to illuminate something they may have missed in their video.

By handling things this way you protect the your brand while also leaking traffic to your channel that is targeted and pre-qualified through virtue of their interest in the channel you targeted in the first place.


Secret 3: Use (But Don’t Abuse) Annotations


While you may currently know them as “those freaking annoying boxes on my favorite guilty dog/funny cat/suck punch/twerking/dangerous prank videos”, these boxes are technically known as annotations. Annotations can be hugely powerful (and a lot less annoying) when used properly.

As you’ve probably noted in your experience, compromising user experience by cramming the entire video field with annotations is not the proper way to use annotations.

Using unintrusive annotations at deliberately chosen points in your videos is the proper way to implement them, making them directly relevant to the content you just displayed makes you a veritable Youtube veteran.

Just ask yourself, what would my audience want to watch after this video? Where can I place this annotation both spatially and within the chronology of the video so that it resonates most powerfully and does not compromise user experience? Where does this video fit within my greater marketing funnel?

Being able to answer all of those questions accurately is where you build the foundation for your annotation strategy. Implementing them properly can be what seals the leaks in your own marketing funnel – keep your audience watching your content, engaging with your brand. Don’t let them get pulled away by the sidebar.


Secret 4: Shakespeare Would Have Transcripted It


Youtube will do it’s best to make a transcript of your video, but it’s about ten million times better if you handle this on your own. Your transcript will be far more accurate, meaning you are sending much stronger relevancy signals to Youtube’s internal search algorithm – leading to higher rankings and more views, clicks and comments.

Don’t have time to do this on your own? Remember those micro-job sites I mentioned earlier?

I hope the gears are turning at this point!


Secret 5: Allow Embedding


This is a fairly basic oversight made by many Youtube neophytes, but a critically important thing to stay on top of. Other people will not be able to share your video outside of Youtube without you allowing embedding first.

So that very popular blogger that wanted to include your video in his most recent post? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. Great content is shared, just make sure it can be.

Want to get real slick with it? Make sure to incorporate your company or brand logo within the video content, driving traffic directly from the third-party publisher website to your own while also increasing brand visibility exponentially.

Want to get really slick with it? Use the old embed feature with the code line to make sure those embeds on third-party sites are picked up by search crawlers.


Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone!


While there are other Youtube video marketing secrets out there, we’ve just gone over five of the biggest ones when it comes to growing a property on Youtube. In essence, you’re deploying many classic content marketing tactics with a dash of Youtube flavor added in at certain points.

Engage with your audience, engage with your competitors, be prepared for action before you take it, and make your content easily accessible for humans as well as machines. It’s all so simple, right?

Take the time to “embed” these tactics into your Youtube video marketing and you will see success like you never have before.

September 23, 2015

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