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Looking to build an internal video production team? We offer on-site video production training with your staff with our video production consultants.

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In need of a video but don't know where to start? We provide a turn-key operation for businesses looking to create professional videos to market their services. 

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Tamar D.

Founder of TUXE Bodywear

"We got involved with Chocolate Bar Studios to help us complete a series of videos for our newly released e-course. Greg was able to walk me through the video process and even better he helped ease any worries I had about being on camera. The video content we produced with Chocolate Bar Studios was well received and we plan on producing more videos in the future."

Jay D.

Founder and CEO at Deacom, Inc.

“"Chocolate Bar Studios has created several videos for Deacom. In the modern world, our prospective customers are much more likely to watch a video than they are to read a white paper or read copy on our web site. I hear tons of comments back from people that they have watched our videos and felt more comfortable about working with us because of the videos. Greg and the folks at Chocolate Bar have been great to work with

and I would highly recommend their services."

Kevin C.

Business Development Executive at Xerimis

"Xerimis works in clinical packaging, which can be a difficult product to explain. Chocolate Bar Studios helped us createa video that explained our services to potential clients. We now use the video on a daily basis and have seen increases in lead generation because of it."


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Origin Story / About Us


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