Our Mission

Chocolate Bar Studios was founded in 2011 by video producer, Greg Gant with the goal of helping businesses successfully market with video. 

Since it's creation Chocolate Bar Studios has done work all over the United States working with marketers and business owners to script and produce video content to integrate into their marketing campaigns and social media.  

We believe the secret to successful video marketing is about engaging with your audience through repetitive and consistent branding. Having the best camera won't help you if you are not developing a clear and concise marketing approach. This is why we developed our 8 step production process designed for businesses, The Video Engagement Strategy. 


Meet the Team

Chocolate Bar Studios is compromised of seasoned video professionals coming from all backgrounds. 

Greg Gant

Founder & Video Producer

Greg Gant is the founder and a video producer at Chocolate Bar Studios. He is a passionate video director and marketer with over 1 billion online video views. Certified in digital marketing by Hubspot and a background in Facebook advertising.

Todd Rawsizer

Director of Photography

Todd Rawiszer is a Director of Photography with over eight years of experience working for a wide span of companies. Todd excels as a crucial part of visual storytelling in filmmaking, whether involved in the conceptualization or production.

Sean Hoffman

Sound Mixer

Sean Hoffman is a sound mixer and audio engineer with a wide range of experience from big budget films, independent films, corporate videos and documentaries.

Jerry Holleran

Associate Producer / Writer

Jerry is a member of the Writer's Guild and has worked for network television shows as an Associate Producer and Writer. His most recent project "Mysteries at the Museum" airs on Travel Channel.

Victoria Boothroyd

Hair & Make-Up Artist

Victoria is a Hair and Make-Up artist with an extensive resume working on Hollywood films, and television shows. Her work has brought her all over the U.S. including Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. 

Ryan Ritchey

Associate Producer / Writer

Corporate and documentary film maker, Ryan Ritchey is always looking for the next big story. His first documentary "After the Fair" was shown at the Queens World Film Festival and features interviews with Barry Sonnenfeld and Jon Favreau.

Ready to Get Started?

We are here to assist. Contact us to schedule a call with a producer. 

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