Free Marketing Resources during Quarantine

Updated: Aug 6

Being stuck at home is rough, and we are all coping in different ways. You may not be as productive as you usually are, and that is perfectly ok. Whether you were laid off, furloughed, or still currently employed, you may have some free time you are looking to fill. We compiled some of our favorite free resources to help you through these tough times.

1) Hubspot Academy

You probably know of the software company Hubspot. They are notoriously known for putting a TON of content. One of their newer offerings is the Hubspot Academy. They offer a variety of video courses in marketing, and of course, our favorite - video marketing, complete with resource guides and quizzes. After you complete a course, you receive a certificate that you are now certified in that area of expertise by Hubspot.

Hubspot Academy: Video Marketing Course

2) Wistia

We spend a lot of time, maybe too much time talking about Wistia. The reason is their innovations in the realm of video production and marketing. Their website offers a variety of video production and video marketing breakdowns to help you film videos for your business. What we like best is the people at Wistia aren't film students who praise Citizen Kane. They are real people who make video production easy. If you haven't yet check out their blog and resources page for tons of free content.

Wistia 101: See Wistia in Action and Get Video Marketing Tips


There is no way I could round out this list without Youtube. There is ample content on youtube so that I will limit our suggestions to our three favorite creators on the platform.

Peter Mckinnon

A goofy guy known for his video breakdowns and creative filming techniques. On his channel you can expect to find video tips breakdowns, gear reviews and the occasional challenge to test your skills.

Daniel Schiffer

The creative work Daniel can make with such a minimal crew and budget is always impressive. After he creates a video, you can expect a full production and post-production breakdown to learn how he does it.

Film Riot

These guys have been around forever, and we love them dearly. They produce an abundance of content, breaking down visual effects, new cameras, and tips/tricks of the trade. While their content tends to appeal more to indie filmmakers, it still is very informative for anyone looking to create a video.

Film and Marketing Resources for Learning from Home

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