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Distribution & Measure

Once the video is complete share it with the world! Measure how it performs and the return-on-investment.



Arranging the footage from your video shoot into the pre-determined specs from pre-production.



Lights, camera, action. Our experienced video team will put together the video of your dreams.



Turning your concept into a video. Our pre-production producer will work with you to write a script and develop a storyboard for your video.



With your goal set, we will brainstorm video concepts that fit your mission and match your branding.


Marketing Assesment

What are you trying to achieve with your video? Set the goals for your video project and then work backwards.

6 Steps to Make a Video

Trust the process.

Our Video Process 

Distribution & Measure

To generate more leads and maximize your impressions with a video you need to look beyond the scope of traditional video production. At Chocolate Bar Studios we have renovated our video process to focus on creating results-driven video content for businesses. We put all of our video producers through digital marketing certifications because we believe that it is our job to be more than just filmmakers. We aspire to provide video marketing services that will further your business and your brand